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Little Angels Holding hands
Dancing around in a sweet trance
Spreading happiness and joy

Tossing and turning in my bed
Thousand thoughts conquering my head

Things doesn't feel right anymore

Birds Wings are Broken
The Wind blowing Forever
Hopes Remain unspoken
Thrown in a Moving River

We lose ourselves to the sky
We grow wings and we start to Fly

But once we lose the Track of ourselves

your nice words wont do me Good no more

You'v hurt me deep inside for sure

Place called fairy land
Lights and castels highly stand

Land of Million Lights


Here I am again
having the same old pain

That same old Stupid Thing

Family is where you run to
when wolves start to hunt you

Its your lasting shelter

There is no point in asking(what if)
After you jump off the Cliff


Scene playing in my Head
Every time Anger gets overfed

Screams inside making their way


While walking dont look at the Ground
Dont put your eyes down

Rise ur head high

Where should I go…
If where Iam now
Doesn't feel like home..

Knocking at my windows every night
Filling my Empty Room with Light

Round the corners started to Roam

Let me tell you who am I

Im the flower that will Bloom
in a Garden of care


My Dreams, Hopes, Future and Life
All got burned thanks to your lies

Trying to make me look like a fool

Laying Dead on a Yellow Grass
Where souls Falling like Broken Glass

Faces losing their features

Sun in the middle…so high rays warm the ground...
Feathers never reach the sky
And Silence is the only Sound...


Shut your eyes tight
and start a Dream about a night

A night where the stars shine

You look so beautiful tonight
Like an Angel shading Light

In white your are fully dressed


There she sat on her chair
Wondering how much she could bear?

the weight of the world on her shoulders

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Well...My writings are up to my feelings....I only write when it comes to me....For me...Poetry must be natural... I guess that's all I got to say.....)

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Little Angels Holding hands
Dancing around in a sweet trance
Spreading happiness and joy
Which this ugly world can't Distroy

Smiling faces and happy eyes
innocent feeling with out a Disguise
Oh, what a beautifull sight
It makes me Sigh

Come near me Sweet Angels
and let me play with you
I got so much innocence
that I discovered through you

So, let us hold hands and go in circles
And let's make this Life as happy as a circus.

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HaZeM PaKKaR 29 July 2009

i like your style in writing, but i don't agree with your dark thoughts, could you please look at your smlie in the mirror? ! then i am sure you will write us a colourful and joyful poem, i will be so glad if you do so! !

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Akram Saqib 28 February 2009

good reading try to read my poems at poemhunter please and give your valueable comments.

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