I Want To Live Through The Storm Poem by Aileen Figueroa

I Want To Live Through The Storm

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Trying so desperately
to catch my breath.
I am soaking wet,
drench half way dead.
With each shaky movements,
I am being pulled out of my roots.
I shudder, at the strength it has to
drag me down.

My roots are lacking the stability
for my now painful stand.
Insecure movements with the
wind, as it pulls my arms in all kind
of different directions.
I asked it why?

Feeling necked and expose,
I will myself to fight back.
Afraid, yet no one knows
how deep my fears are.
No, they can't see me.
Every nerve in my body is
painfully screaming out.
No, they can't hear me.

I am drowning! ! !
I am drowning! ! !
I am drowning! ! !
I scream out louder and harder.
It's to no use…

I was promised so much life,
I was so innocent then.
Now, I see and wonder,
how much more would my price be.
The thought makes my spine bone shiver. Like ice water purring down my back. The world is changing where soon I will not be.

The sky is gray,
as the rain comes down harder,
ponding on my shoulders.
It's so cold, I can't feel my limbs
any longer.

My body twist, bends and turns
as it shouts out, looking for relieve.
That never comes.

Praise God...
I hope you can cope.
Give me this moment,
give me your strength.
Let this day end with it the pain.

Let the promise live! ! !
That a new day will begin.
It's never over.

Allow me to stand still be part of
your days and plans that are to come. For this is your kingdom,
the land of men …

I am just but an old
Cherry Blossom Tree,
That's has lived many seasons.
This place…
This place is my home, home to me.
I want to live through the storms
I want to live,
I want to live.
To live...
Through the storms.

Dedicated to: The fallen Trees
Written by: Aileen Figueroa / SingleStar

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: trees
In 2013, we had a lot of rain storms. We lost many trees. One day coming home from work, I park where I always park.Before I was able to get out of the car a heave rain stormstarted to come down trapping me in the car for about 30 min.I watch how the trees where being beaten down by the powerfulstorm. Some fell down to the ground. It made me sad to see howmany trees lost their life that day. So, I wrote this poem in memory of all Fallen Treesof that year 2013
Aileen Figueroa 31 January 2016

Daniel Brick, Forgive me, for not leaving a comment any sooner. But I really don't know how to work this app correctly in poemhunter.com. I am left wondering about your maple trees. I am sure they made it and are fine. I am glad you liked this poem, if that is what it may be considered to be. Not too many people realize that I'm talking about a tree in till the end. I always get these worry looks in the beginning. I just happen to feel the pain of that tree, in that moment, on that day. I love your comment because people like you gives us the OK to continue writing whatever we think and feel, Thoughts from my heart.

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Aileen Figueroa 31 January 2016

Kim Barney, Wow... 200, trees how sad. I hope the neighborhood is able to replenish their loss in the future. I am sorry about your roof and the side of your house. These mother nature natural destruction, can be scary most of the time. I wish you good health and lots of financial blessing for you and your family this year 2016. Thank you for sharing with me😊

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Kim Barney 28 January 2016

Our neighborhood also lost many trees that year. Over 200 pine trees were lost just along the main street of town alone. I lost the top half of a pine tree that damaged my roof and the side of my house. Your poem really hit home with me.

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Daniel Brick 05 September 2015

If our words had actual power, this poem would have saved the trees. Alas, our words are not able to change physical realities like a destructive storm. But you perform the service words can provide in your homage to the fallen, encouraging us to expand our compassion to include these silently suffering trees. Two large maples are being whipped by the wind directly in front me as I type this. They anchor my yard and they will prevail!

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