It's A Dark Gray Morning Poem by Aileen Figueroa

It's A Dark Gray Morning

It’s a dark gray morning,
The chilling breeze lets the rain inside my bedroom window
The plants are weathering away
Still reaching out for a last breath as it feels the cool water.

I hear the warning sounds of a church bell ring clearly
As it serenades to the pain of the newly mourners
The morning awakens with a heaviness of sadness
Oh, will I ever feel the warmth of the sun again.

I stare into the dark corners of my bedroom
Images and shadows that are trap from yesterday.
They linger for ever and wait as they smile and hide.
I try calling again and again and texting you messages
How much I will miss you. I am so sorry sweetheart…
I wish, I was there to hold your hand and whisper its ok.
My chest caves in but I wait and wait for an answer
That I now know will never come.

The morning continue to pour out its grief
All I can think of is, how I wish I was there
Holding your hand near my heart for the last time.
Trying to comfort you in my arms as I watch over you
Allowing you to close your eyes
Knowing that they will never open again.
Oh, will I ever feel the warmth of the sun on my face again.

My expectations of seeing you in this life time are now gone.
I trust in seeing you, waiting to greet me in our next life
You smiling down at me, as I finally get to hold your hands
And feel the warmth of the sun once again
As I smile back with you.

Written by Aileen Figueroa, Singlestar 11/1/2014

I had a funny feeling that my love one didn't make it through the night. He was rudely and aggressively separate by Deportation. Taken away form family and friends for not having all of his paperwork and requirements updated on time, at the age of 55. He soon fell into a two to three year depression while still fighting to make his way back home. His depression grew into a deadly state of cancer that he also fought on his own. He die basically alone, missing his family and friends. It's believe that his youngest daughter 10yrs.old might have made it in time to his bedside. We are still waiting for his paperwork to be completed.
Aileen Figueroa 31 January 2016

Anil Kumar Panda, Thank you for sharing your sweet comment with me. This one is very dear to my heart. Sometimes, I cann't even read it. That pain will never go away.

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Anil Kumar Panda 22 October 2015

Full of love the poem flows smoothly.Liked it.Very nice.

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