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I saw a light.
As I slowly came out of my
depressing state of mind,
shackled and wasted years of bondage.

Father God,
Help me see
what I cannot see
with my own eyes.

Nightfalls, under the rising
blue moon there is a secret

Come and dance with me…
I want to dance all over the world
I want to sneak out the back door
and meet up with you.

Trying so desperately
to catch my breath.
I am soaking wet,
drench half way dead.

I never comprehended the why's
of the cycle of life when I was younger.
It has been surely less then what I hoped for,
but amusingly more then what I had expected.

Love's Battlefields

Don't waste your time.
I know you can see

I am the vein that travels within
the petals of a red rose.

I am the early summer breeze that

Tap, tap, tap, and gentle taps.
Millions of snowflakes passed
by my bedroom window this
morning.The wandering Snowflakes

I hate Valentine's Day! ! !
Who invented this
smoochy stuff?

It’s a dark gray morning,
The chilling breeze lets the rain inside my bedroom window
The plants are weathering away
Still reaching out for a last breath as it feels the cool water.

It was a grayish and cloudy day as
I approach my apartment window.
Curiosity dare me to take a peek out
into the rainy streets of Brooklyn.

As I unveil…
I have desired to go,
where the spirits never fails.
To fields where butterflies

I leaned back on an old tree.
Full of memories and
held secrets on its branches
of heartbreaking lies,

He has already forgotten me.
I remember him now.


Wined me up.
My heart is beating
in a harsh way.

Is it time for your departure?
Will we ever see each other again?
You know very well we will, one day.


Rock, where are you Rock?
Where have you gone?
Don't you see I need you Rock?
Tell me where shall I go?

In what seems to be a
Picture Perfect day,
the Sun was only there
for display.

My heart is broken for I have lost
my reading red glasses.
I have looked all over for it.
On the sofa under the sofa.

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I Saw A Light

I saw a light.
As I slowly came out of my
depressing state of mind,
shackled and wasted years of bondage.

I saw a light.
It was the most-brightest…
The most-beautiful…
The most-brightest
and beautiful light!
I have never seen such a sight.
I have never seen such a sign.

They were the eyes of a child.
They shine down upon me as I appeared.

Those eyes shined down upon me…

Of this I'm sure.
Just like I have no doubts,
that clouds travel through
time and space.

As this lovingly child stared at me
with its beautiful light eyes,
I felt warmth and peace.

I reached the surface
and took my first breath.
Staring into the twinkling stars
of the night, I'm naked.

Painfully purging releasing my pass.

I now have a new direction.
A guided path to walk into my new journey of life and within my hands
I hold my new creations.
I saw a light.

Written by: AF-Singlestar
Born 12/7/13
On a lazy Saturday.

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Basking, Underneath a tree, With out a shade.

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