I Want To Sing A Song Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

I Want To Sing A Song

Rating: 4.9

I want to sing a song
Path is difficult and very long
How to praise you in words?
Guide and lead me O, lord

Life may have ups and down
Prayers always on but not for crown
Worldly desires there but heartily denounce
to clear the attachment I sincerely announce,

My life boat is in mid way journey
Shaken by crisis and for want of money
Difficult to pull on but stay put in race,
Nowhere to go but to hide the face

I am firm believer so seek your blessings
Not aware of in what form you may appear,
Bow to Poor’s feet with earnest kissing,
With all agony, hardship and pain I bear

Nobody can shake faith and influence my view,
Sometimes all may withdraw and accompanied by few
I go ahead with full faith and humbly pray
Submit to thy wish and accept the sway

I am happy and contended with whatever I have
Leading normal life and honestly behave
Sometimes will not obey spirit of holy book
Childish act in your eyes and to be looked crook

Morning starts with recitation and I humbly pray,
No words to utter in disbelief but simply say,
”O, lord lead me to your kindly way”
Accept my short comings and shoe me the ray

No ill thought to enter in mind,
Only noble ideas to occupy and find,
No more cruelty and behavior of such kind,
All with clear vision so can be noticed by even blind

You have created beautiful earth to live with peace
You did hurt yourself so we can be at ease
How much you suffered for human beings to usher?
Not a single word of pain or curse you whispered

My heart bleeds when that scene comes before eyes
There were many options open with side byes
They perpetrated so many cruelties on your head
You stayed alive in pain without falling dead

I want to weep but can’t shed the tears
How much agony and pain it bears?
How you could bear those critical moments?
I lay motionless without any movements

I can chant slogans and recite prayers or whatever I can
I am firm believer of faith and can’t be called simple fan
I must lead the way you had exactly desired and expected
What else is left with me other than to lead or to be lead?

I have no words to praise or sing in your honor
I shall commit some time mistakes very minor
At heart I may have earnest desire to correctly follow
Accept my simple gesture in your praise and allow

Vinod Karmakar 06 August 2009

just in his praise and thank him....10

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Shilpa Maheswari 08 August 2009

as mark of respec and praise....10

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Santoksingh Jadeja 08 August 2009

in his prayer n honour sincerely....10

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Kamli Kamal 09 August 2009

it is inpraise of the god...10

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Kunwar Patel 10 August 2009

in god's praise always we pray....10

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Dr Dillip K Swain 19 June 2022

Sir, singing a song relaxes mind and soul if not body. A delightful piece.

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Kamlesh Ambalal 17 October 2009

I want to sing a song, Path is difficult and so long, How to praise in words? Guide and lead me O, lord,

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Pami Panchal 17 August 2009

we should pray and sing in his praise...10

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Lalvani Rekha 17 August 2009

always in praise of HIM....10

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Sulochna Pandit 12 August 2009

always rememeber him in good or bad.....10

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