I Will Never Miss You Poem by Oduro Bright Amoh

I Will Never Miss You

Sweetheart, though our love be separated by distance
Though geography tries its uncanny tricks to put us apart
Never wonder if I will in some instance
Lose the affection that swells in my heart.
Though everyday your yearning grows
And nights remind you of your lonely state;
Though each day and each night throws
A heavier longing to be at my gate,
A great wanting to be in my sight,
I am sorry that I do not feel the same
For to me each day and each night
Presents a newer flame
Of nature's ordinary but pleasant views
Which when I see makes me aware
That whichever of distance's excuse
That prevails, you will always be near.
When in the morning I from my slumber wake
To find the birds sing with sweetness so clear
Then my love, I count it no mistake
That it is your melodious voice I hear
When I cast my eyes upon the bright sky
Brightened by the resplendence of the sun's might
My endearment of you grows high
And I take it as the lustre of your sight
When the day draws slowly to its close
And awes me with twilight's grace,
I for my part, begin to suppose
That it is the beauty of your face
When clouds depart to show a sky dimly blue
Embroidered with twinkling stars in catchy styles
There I confess that I see you
Pulling the most charming of all smiles
Finally when I lay me down to rest
And my head wonders to the land of dreams
You as a lovely kissable guest,
Always appear in my dreams
So you see as nature's cycles continue
I shall never miss you
For when morning shall rise anew
I will always be with you

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love,missing you
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