I Was There Poem by Paul Mwenelupembe

I Was There

The country descended to rages
The people geared in a gallant smile of fingers
While the mountain on top
Was sending radio massages
Of rocks down the doorway

I was there when I saw a cloud
Covering the stirred terra firma of a crowned Salmon
Peace! Liberty! While lakes filled with hot water
Tampering the great multitude down walkers

I was there when I saw an impious regime
That system was collected with over drifts
With beauty and happiness when sun hand risen
Then it sunk into fallible pieces of embargo
Succumbed, reaaly disturbed in forgone

I saw the economy traveling down stairs
The forex, my fonex wing for another residence
Gasoline, fuel....unfilled cars cruising on a queue bone

I saw the country besieged by looters
Spoiling shops, banks our own facades
I saw there when I heard the Reader of the warm heart
The ruler displaying peace, negotiator's funcy lecture
The other day he came with other scenes

I was there when I saw a group of carcass
Absolute victims of democracy displayed my scenes
My body felt that death toll and reserved in my book
I will never forget now and forever peace!

The story is taken from what happened on 20 July,2011- thus last year. There were alot of demonstrations and Malawi was not left out. People were demonstrating on various grounds: no enough fuel, forex, political down turn, many things indeed. However as a writer I was watching and hearing all such stories, and my pen was sharpen to keep the History being happening in all the cities of My lovely country especially on the deaths of our true democracy legends. Let them rest in peace. Thus our democracy lessons so far! ! !
Paul Mwenelupembe

Paul Mwenelupembe

Queens Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
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