I Went To A Ball Poem by Pamela lutwyche

I Went To A Ball

Rating: 5.0

I went to a ball the other day,
We had such a feast!
There was Caterpillar pie, butterfly Wings
Bread and Butter Beasts, ants on sticks
earwig Cake,
Everything was fine
It tasted smashing and great
And of cause, not forgetting
The Centipede Jelly.
All that lovely food, felt rather good in my belly.

The sun was shinning, it was nice and hot
Then someone came around with a pot
Of Black Beetle Juice.

There was a curly worm on the side of the glass,
Just to give the drink a bit of class.
There were banners scattered around,
there were balloons blowing in the wind.
There were magpies sitting in the trees
and then they started to sneeze,
In time to the music,
There was dancing, laughter too
There were jokes, I told Quite a few,

Then the food came out again,
We had some Green Frog Spawn Mouse
With maggots on the side,

This was served on a bed of grass
everybody gobbled it down and eat it quite fast
because the maggots kept sliding off the leaf it was served upon
and landing on the floor.

I think, everyone there really did enjoy what they had
They had a little bit more.

But, the end must always arrive
This was a sad time for all,
I really hope next year
I am invited again
to that Ball.

John Thorkild Ellison 12 October 2008

Very imaginative and entertaining. Lots of fun! Well done! ! Perhaps you would like my poem 'Graveyard Kiss'. Best wishes, John.

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Dee Daffodil 10 October 2008

What a wonderful imagination you have! ! ! ! Another incredible poem full of tasty tidbits! Hugs, Dee

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Anthony Edmond John 12 September 2008

Hello Cheerie, I love this Lines...Well aligned and savoury. Anthony Edmond John +2348020984990

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 September 2008

An enjoyable descriptive poem.

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