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I Will Make It Without You

Rating: 4.8

party all night, drinking, drugs and guys that the story of your life
although you had kids you cared nothing about
you only beat them and wanted them out of your life
you did your own thing and they had to fight to stay alive
which never mattered to you, we only cried

you would leave for days and sometimes week at a time
we never knew when or even if you were coming back
sometimes we wished you wouldnt come back but we became scared and didnt know what to do.

but we all made it we all come through.
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Laurie Hill 04 April 2009

So much pain...and your right..you will make it

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James B. Earley 27 February 2009

The last line pretty much sums it up. And...I'm sure you will! Best wishes...

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Greenwolfe 1962 16 July 2008

I would normally give this an 8, but there is so much pain endured that I feel is being conquered; that the worth of this piece rises from its source. GW62

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