Lovely Friendship Or Friendly Love Poem by Oduro Bright Amoh

Lovely Friendship Or Friendly Love

Not at first sight my views I show,

Neither is it with experience that these words flow;

For friendship should not ab initio enthuse

Or evolve at long last because of frequent use.

Silence becomes the most fitting expression

I should render to a girl of your fashion.

Too long have I sought asylum in simple speech

So I could a perfect endearment of you reach.

But words; so tricky are those things

Beguiling even the most well intentioned beings.

My words love for friendship always trade

And friendship instead of love it made.

But whether love for friendship I should take

Or befriend you for love's sake

I've thought, I've mused, I've pondered

I've cogitated, I've wondered till I floundered

Okay! Let's say I open my arms

To receive your love along with its charms.

It will always be my utmost fear

That for my sake, you will shed a tear

A tear? no torrents may upon your breast rain,

Announcing to all that inward pain

That the love of me has slapped upon your heart.

Overall, I dread that one day we will be apart.

Yet if your friend I should just remain

Then pardon me, how do you explain

The insomnia; the dreams of a sleepless night

That I spent with you yet out of your sight?

Tell me why at the sight of your face

I forget all the problems I face.

Is it for friendship's sake that I would pay a hefty price

Just to be spectator to the opening of your eyes?

Hear this: I will only be your friend

If It will only fulfil love's end.

But I will also accept love's ties

Only when I know in friendship it lies.

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Gajanan Mishra 16 August 2014

What is love's end, is there any end really? fine writing, thanks.

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