The Keys To My Heart Poem by Oduro Bright Amoh

The Keys To My Heart

Rating: 4.3

I have received the keys; you gave them to me.
My heart was as you wanted it,
You could open and go as you pleased.
But now I have the keys. I had trouble opening the door
For many stood at the threshold eagerly waiting to come inside,
Come inside to enjoy the joy they suspected from afar.
You had the keys.
You knew of that joy.
You swam in its warmth.
You suffered its side effects;
The tears, the agony, the neglect.
You saw what others were blind to.
I was a broken man. I was afraid to show my heart.
I was afraid that you might see the cuts
That was left from a violent entry.
You saw the wounds.
You cried.
Like a doctor you nursed it.
You sang me to sleep.
You beauty enriched me.
I had hope again.
I began to smile again.
I was beginning to be well again.
I longed for you yet I pretended.
You came and gave me back my keys.
I have locked my heart now. Someday I will open it again.
I wish you would open it again.
But you no longer have the keys.
And I no longer wish to give it.
I cannot thank you enough.
You have been there.
But now I have locked my heart and I am not willing to open it.
Someday I will open it again.
I only wish you will be there.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbreak,love,pain
Shakil Ahmed 27 October 2015

beautiful love poem, expressing the emotion of the poet, i enjoyed reading the poem, thanks for sharing, if you find time please read some of my poems and leave your comments.

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Babatunde Aremu 27 October 2015

A closed heart is injurious. Its good to open the heart no matter the situation. I like this poem because it looks like the holder of the is the Messiah. Thanks for sharing

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