' I Will Remember ' Poem by Menime Soul

' I Will Remember '

Rating: 2.6

Sit down near to me and show me you care,
Say that you love me and that you'll always be there.
I can't forget you, so won't you come back again..
I don't want to believe that you're already dead.
These moments i'm living are so hard to understand,
And it just gets more harder whenever it rains.
Don't make an excuse now sayin i'm a strong man..
I've been stronger as much as i can.

I need your love now, don't wana hear anything.
Need to feel your soft touch, all over my skin.
Why should i lose you girl..should i lose all my feelings?
I'll love you forever, i don't care what is love's meaning.

I'll remember everything that you said..
Everything that you meant to me will always be same.
And i believe that one day we'll meet again.
Till then i'll remember evrything that you said..
I'll remember everything that you said...

i'll remember, evrything that we've shared.

Pink Butterfly ... 10 December 2009

I can feel your suffering from this piece! Release yourself from it. You deserve to be happy! God bless! -Pink Butterfly-

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Richard Jarboe 10 December 2009

sweet tribute to a memory. good work, richard

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Dinesh Mukherji 10 December 2009

it seems nothing said, and parted upon, may be you remember whether she/he remember that? shunted out with other part? who knows, you poem did speak.

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Tanya Stanford 30 December 2009

true love for a lost one could not have been written more beautifully. Sorry for your loss.

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Unnikrishnan E S 04 September 2016

Marvellous poem of love and separation. Well penned. Congrats.

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Sherri Coulter 01 July 2010

We move in and out of many others lives, sometimes for a short duration, only to be re-united. The Universe is totally speaking to you at these times...listen. I will never forget.

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Dickson Mseti 23 April 2010

love is all about memories, hard to delete.And that makes it alive.

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Tanvi Damle 17 March 2010

it tuk my breath away...luvd da way u wrote it...realli gud

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Whispering Rose 28 January 2010

great poem i really enjoyed it..'i'll love you forever, i don't care what is love's meaning' i love this part... we often don't know what is true love...is it the one that lasts long or the one that hurts when it's gone

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