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I sit in the terrace, gazing at the starry sky,
and think about the answer to the question, 'Who am I? '
I am a girl who wants to be young forever,

I was too busy doing what i wanted to,
I had no time to notice you.
In a hurry, i use to rush by,
always failing to notice a small tear trickling down your eye.

Count your blessings instead of your crosses,
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your sorrows,
Count your friends instead of your foes.

This is for my people who just lost somebody,
their best friend, their baby, man or their lady,
put your heads real high,
we will never say bye.

I still remember a things or a few,
the glow on your face when you said, 'I LOVE YOU.'
Take care of yourself you always used to tell,
that twinkle in your eyes, your smile I remember so well.

I hate it when you spoil my day,
I hate you when you walk away.
I hate the way you look at me,
I hate you when you say sorry.

Do you remember,
how it was when we were still together?
How we used to in the rain dance,
and dream of going to England and France?

Don't say you're not important, it simply isn't true,
The fact that you were born, is proof that God has a plan for you.
Live your life not because you need to but because you want to,
For once don't think of others think of you.

You forgive me for loving you too much,
and I'll forgive you for not loving me enough.
You forgive me for raising you so high,
and I'll forgive you for making me cry.

May there be a dawn after every night,
May there be peace instead of a fight.
May there be joy instead of sorrow,
May there be a friend instead of a foe.

I won't let go, I won't leave,
I'll hold on cuz i believe.
When i'm faced by a stormy and cold night,
a candle of faith in my heart i'll light.


Gonna stay in bed for sure today,
cuz of the fight we had yesterday.
I know I'm the one who started this rift,
Which made your spirits away drift.

What is life?
Some feel it is as cruel as a surgeon's knife.
Some think life is like a sea,
filled with flowing waves of opportunity.

It's so hard to believe that he's gone,
everything seems a blur, so wrong.
You sit there and stare at your ring,
this couldn't be happening, not him.


May the angels beside your door forever rest,
and always give you the very best!
May they bring lots of happiness your way,
to make all your sadness go away.

I dreamed a dream of you and me,
you were holding my hand and whispering
I love you always forever,
we shall always be together.

I never did want to leave you and go,
you broke my trust which made me do so.
I never wanted to accept what was going on,
I just wanted to keep singing our love song.

You lost your loved ones in the sand and rubble,
and you struggle to accept it,
the pain almost unbearable.
I won't lie and say i understand,

The sound of your footsteps was the sweetest music to my ears,
you always managed to make me smile through my tears.
Just the sound of your name was enough to make my heart leap,
I loved to stay awake every night, just to watch you sleep.

We will together always be,
Love is only you and me.
when i melt into your loving eyes,
You're perfect for me i realize.

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um.....m jus an ordinary gal tryin to do extraordinary thingz! ! ! :))

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I Am

I sit in the terrace, gazing at the starry sky,
and think about the answer to the question, 'Who am I? '
I am a girl who wants to be young forever,
but I'm a girl who also wants to grow up and be someone that everyone will remember.
I'm a girl who wants to stay in the protected world my parents have built for me,
but I'm also a girl who wants to touch the sky and break free.
I want to be happy and dance in the rain,
but I also wanna cry for the unfortunate and feel their pain.
I want to be wise and go towards the sun ray,
but i also want to be a fool, trust my heart and go the other way.
I'm a girl who always wants her life to go towards light,
but I'm also a girl who wants to be able to make it through the night.
I always want to be right, win every race,
but i also want to be able to lose and accept it with grace.
I'm a girl who always wants to go up, make ends meet,
but I'm also a girl who wants to be able to fall down and have the courage to get back on my feet.
Who am I? What kind of a human being?
I'm right, I'm wrong, I'm everything.

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Brandon Edwards 03 December 2008

that was cool i like how you use that song say good bye

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L R 23 December 2008

Great Writing - Thank you for sharing!

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Hank Moody 21 March 2012

So many love and heart break poems, you and Adele would get along well.

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Murphy Payne 14 March 2011

I think this poem is excellent. It rhymes and flows. The very way I like reading poetry. Good Job

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Dr Sunil Mishra 17 March 2010

Well, the lines are really overflow of your powerful emotions, sensitivity and sensibility. It seems to me you could not recollect the ideas/feelings completely at the time of writing. True picture of the Waste land is here. Love to read next.

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Lost Poet 02 February 2010

lot of hidden meanings......good write.......deep thinking.....i like it.....

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Derek Dowie 27 April 2009

I like your poems. Keep on writing

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