I Will Stand By You Poem by King Femi Oloidi

I Will Stand By You

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I will stand by you;
Even if you go to the moon, I will follow you, to give you pills from the entire holdup you shall face.

If you go to Afghanistan;
I will follow you, to protect you from unjust acts and bomb blasts.

If you go to the North;
I will follow you, to protect you from the sun, knives, scorpions and also bomb blasts.

If you go to hell;
I will not follow you, for I shall take you to the first class castle in Heaven.

If you fall into a river;
I will not also dive in with you,
because I am too handsome and smooth in nature, to visit hell,
but be rest assured; that I will rapidly call out for help, to all the fisher men around to come and fish you out
Yes! this is because I have promised to stand by you.
But I can't remember promising to dive or die with you.

I will stand by you;
to make you strong and fit, when you are weak and falling apart.

Surely, I will help you find the lost parts of your health, and also turn the rocky part of your emotion into bread of life

I will stand by you;
to dry your tears and sweat, in your trying and crying times
I will never end nor quit in pulling you out of your pool of pains and sweat.
This I accurately promise!

I will stand by you;
even if I turn to dust or rust,
I will come form the heaven of the wind, just to sing for you.
Because you stood by me when all angels were nowhere to be found.

I will stand by you, for just being with you; brings might, life and success to me.
For this; I will always stand by you, my unquenchable light of joy.

I did this poem, out of the feelings of a lover, that I dated for six years and she left me for another, and the person she left me for, married her and still left her. And she wanted me back. I guess she thought I am a trash can. But too late; because I had another lovely princess in my life, whom I hope would not break my heart too, when our love starts looking for air. I hope she doesn't discharge too!
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 05 November 2012

Twists of life are sometimes nice sometimes horrible! Then what is the meaning for the oath and pledge of I will stand by you...well expressed poem!

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That was very unfortunate of you to have her lost as she had wanted it. But your entity as true lover got a glitter though highly practical you were/ have been. I hope your new princess will make you now an emperor King Femi.

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Femi Oloidi 29 October 2012

'@ Shivani and Sunprincess.. thank you so so much..you all are the sweetest... God bless, i write for you all. kingfemi

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Shivani Misra 29 October 2012

Youq poem clearly tells your love for her.. Keep loving.. Nice work.. Keep it up..!

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