Fear And Death; Are Our Twin Of Pain Poem by King Femi Oloidi

Fear And Death; Are Our Twin Of Pain

Rating: 4.9

A nice conversation within the twin and me:
Twin: can you see our faces?
Me: yeah, sure; it looks like matured poop.
Twin: do you want us to honest with you?

Me: No, I want both of you to keep bullshiting around; till I grab your necks and strangle continuously, till your skulls squash.
Twin: ok; that's very respectful and fearful. Don't you have respect for us; almighty king fear and death?

Me: *hissing* what ever! For all I care; you both could go drink a full bottle of acid, and knock yourselves out; while you die of cancer, with all due respect, idiots! .

Twin: ok, I see this our friendly conversation is leading to no where, I guess; we will try another fellow, that is not Nigerian, maybe someone from Tokyo or Syria.

Me: good you know; at least both of you are foolish enough to park up your poop faces, and try another native dustbin bird, you could scold and steal away so easily. It was nice meeting and charting with you two retards. For you both; act like illiterate witches and wizards, preaching the word of God in hell, and selling holy water, to winch and quench the burning fire of hell.

Twin: we like you; because you fire up our curiosity. Can we be your friends?

Me: yeah, sure; you've just found the right hell, to make you burn successfully.

Me: It was nice melting both of you. Baboons!

I wrote this poem, because I noticed; the less one fears, is the more the person achieves. So I decided to express my own way of showing the manner in which, I fear nothing; but only God, and I respect all whom respect is due to. So this has made me kill the week reflex in me, and become wildly flexible to life's abilities. I have simply become a lability to disability.
Neela Nath Das 12 November 2012

Death is inevitable. If fear takes our mind then, we will die everyday as a coward. Kudos!

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Astonishing context of a rare conversation has an appeal to all of us dear King Femi. The power of optimism has enabled your liabilities wither into things of past. I give you an emphatic 10 out of 10....

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This interaction has spelled out a beam of triumphing mind welded into your entity of uncommon traits.The finding on disability and liability shows your inner strength. For this poetic treat after my dinner for you all forces me to give you a deserving 10 out of 10, king Femi.

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Valsa George 06 November 2012

Never surrender to unnecessary and imaginary fears and fear of Death, though death is an irrefutable reality! Well done Femi! !

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