********i Would Take A Day Like That... Poem by Shelley L Baxter

********i Would Take A Day Like That...

Rating: 2.9

Have you seen a weeping willow
whose leaves are still, quiet and at peace?
A palm along a lonely shore
that moves not...there's no breeze.

I would take a day like that most days
even if boredom reigned supreme.
I would take a day like that today
where change and tragedy's lives in dreams.

I would prefer just nothingness today
where theres no hurt or pain in sight.
Where the tides don't turn and life is bland...
where theres no surprises or strife in Life.

I miss those days where nothing changes,
where just the status quo is met.
Where monotany and habits run...
from dawn to dusk and peace is kept.

written on January 15th 2008

Melvina Germain 25 January 2008

I would take a day like that myself dear Shelley, it seems rather impossible in this world and in these times. We must always be on our toes nowadays while taking a walk down the street. We must always be aware of strangers whom we meet. It's impossible to sit in quiet peace even in our own gardens. Rest assured the day will come when true peace will find us all, we'll walk hand in His on the path of total freedom, where we'll enjoy tranquility in a life of total bliss. Of course that day's a long way off, so we must keep out of harms way here. Fabulous poem my dear friend, look forward to visiting you again next week, how about Monday evening. Melvina

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Dr.subhendu Kar 18 January 2008

fantastic flow of thought with imagery yet with ingenuity, i like to much, withy credit of 10+, thanks for sharing

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Poison 9901 15 January 2008

Very nice Shelley, I to would take a day like this on any given Monday. 'Keep on inking the Pages' ~~~Poison~~~

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