*** A Portrait Of Erica... Poem by Shelley L Baxter

*** A Portrait Of Erica...

Rating: 3.0

Her black hair pulled back loosely,
flowing like a long shiny crimped mane,
with a few strands all about her withdrawn face.
My God, please take care of this teenager...

Beautiful sad brown soulful eyes,
peer through long natural eyelashs,
that have been sprayed numerous times with tears.
My God, please take care of this troubled young lady.

Wearing dark well fit clothes that are in style,
current trends up with the times, fashionable,
she still appears awkward and her demeanor unsure.
My God, please take care of your lost child.

Walking carefully with one foot slightly turned in,
she appears to be suffering physically and emotionally,
well a little bit of both...each has deeply scarred her.
My God, I thank you for pulling her through once more...

The hospital now...not far in the distance,
she lifts her eyes to the skys for a moment,
just long enough to say to me 'Yes, I will be ok for today.'
My God, please give her Hope to sustain her...Always.

Written May 7th 2007.

Geoff Warden 15 May 2007

Shelley.... The heartbeat of this work is uplifting in more ways than I can proclaim.... Deep in the stature of this work cries the heart of a spirit angelic.... keep up the likes of this and the world shalt be your oster.....

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Jerry Hughes 12 May 2007

This is like the photograph I saw of a five year old Jewish boy standing in line for execution at Dachau, and equally graphic....

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Melvina Germain 09 May 2007

Calling out to God, believing he will restore the mind and physical abilities is crucial. Call and praise his precious name, then watch the miracle unfold, he can do it and he will do it in his time, we must be patient. I love your poem Shelley, keep them coming. Excellent write---Melvina---

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David Harris 07 May 2007

Shelly, this is a beautiful poem and heart wrenching all at the same time. Very visual and has a wonderful flow. I'm sure God is watching over her every step along the way. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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