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Her black hair pulled back loosely,
flowing like a long shiny crimped mane,
with a few strands all about her withdrawn face.
My God, please take care of this teenager...

Lord, I don't know
what to say...
what to do...
or what to pray.

Rolling blades of grass play in the meadows green,
as bird songs whisper my name in the trees...
the breeze circles me enfolding me in its tune,
a serenade that happens on beautiful days in June.

October 2005

When life is no fun,
when the pain follows you,

Have you seen a weeping willow
whose leaves are still, quiet and at peace?
A palm along a lonely shore
that moves not...there's no breeze.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon,
the sun shone so brightly...
appearing like a large blazing
iridescent quarter.

First, i wish to Thank you
for sharing your heart
and a small part of yourself,
your secrets and pain

Let me Love you as the night loves the stars
that illuminate way off in a distance on dark nights.
Let me Love you with my thoughts as I wake on a cloud
from a quiet lonely sleep perfumed with times spent

Lord, Can you lift up the fog while I pray to you?
For there is so many things I wish to say to you.

I am lost and I need you to come to Your knees,

' I Regret the words I said to you,
the way I acted has made me blue.
When you saw me out that day
know I looked different-

Always stand up tall.
Wipe away all tears.
Close the book on your fears.
Hold all Life and loved ones Dear.

If everything is All Good,
All of the Time.
Then we will not
appreciate everyday...and,

My whispering heart still crys for you..
It may be with regret and pain
that I will think of you again today
Still I have no choice...your in my

Your embrace was not familiar,
yet I comfort you in my arms,
as I am gazing at your picture,
I still feel the magic of your charm.

I know now, how it can be,
that even before death,
the soul can soar free.
Free, like the wind,

Time flies with the wings of white
very weightless light feathers.
They surround us and cool us at times
all while flapping furiously to

Lets go sailing, on a sea of dreams,
captivate all the senses...completely.
Complete the dream, the waves whisper.
Finish the rowing into shore...or sink

Here I am again,
staring into the willows,
wishing I were like a tree.
A light breeze would blow

I am truly sorry...
for the hurt I bring to you.
For I know that when you're happy
one look at me and your blue too.

Its Goodbye for awhile,
...but not forever my friends.
I will still think of you...and
one day we'll start again.

Shelley L Baxter Biography

At age 12 I wrote my first poem and after that I realized how much I not only liked reading poetry but that I loved to write poems as well. My preferred style of writing is usually free style just because it offers the poet alot of room to express themselves without having to be too technical.Maybe over time I will enjoy thinking and following some of the rules of different styles of poetry.The only other ones I have written are Haiku, Senryu and one Nonet...Of those I enjoy the nonet the most after free style. Take Care of U, Shelley Baxter aka as 'Lilacsea')

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*** A Portrait Of Erica...

Her black hair pulled back loosely,
flowing like a long shiny crimped mane,
with a few strands all about her withdrawn face.
My God, please take care of this teenager...

Beautiful sad brown soulful eyes,
peer through long natural eyelashs,
that have been sprayed numerous times with tears.
My God, please take care of this troubled young lady.

Wearing dark well fit clothes that are in style,
current trends up with the times, fashionable,
she still appears awkward and her demeanor unsure.
My God, please take care of your lost child.

Walking carefully with one foot slightly turned in,
she appears to be suffering physically and emotionally,
well a little bit of both...each has deeply scarred her.
My God, I thank you for pulling her through once more...

The hospital now...not far in the distance,
she lifts her eyes to the skys for a moment,
just long enough to say to me 'Yes, I will be ok for today.'
My God, please give her Hope to sustain her...Always.

Written May 7th 2007.

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~A Little Blue Bird~ 02 May 2008

Her poems extend a lot of feeling so i suggest you read them.Shelly is a nice person whom brings a lot of comfort to those who have it bad in life. Thx so much Shelly! ~The little blue bird~

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Jerry Hughes 21 May 2007

Shelly, you are an extraordinarily fine writer, consequently it's difficult to coment on every poem. However, be assured you're held in high esteem...

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Chhavi Anupam 23 April 2007

so much I long to say to you....the words from your poem To You are great. You are sensitive.Thanks for your comments Shelley. Chhavi Anupam

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