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*** A Portrait Of Erica...

Her black hair pulled back loosely,
flowing like a long shiny crimped mane,
with a few strands all about her withdrawn face.
My God, please take care of this teenager...

((One)) What Do I Say To You?

Lord, I don't know
what to say...
what to do...
or what to pray.

** ** **** Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine.

Rolling blades of grass play in the meadows green,
as bird songs whisper my name in the trees...
the breeze circles me enfolding me in its tune,
a serenade that happens on beautiful days in June.

Master Plan

October 2005

When life is no fun,
when the pain follows you,

********i Would Take A Day Like That...

Have you seen a weeping willow
whose leaves are still, quiet and at peace?
A palm along a lonely shore
that moves not...there's no breeze.

Shelley L Baxter Comments

Her poems extend a lot of feeling so i suggest you read them.Shelly is a nice person whom brings a lot of comfort to those who have it bad in life. Thx so much Shelly! ~The little blue bird~

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Jerry Hughes 21 May 2007

Shelly, you are an extraordinarily fine writer, consequently it's difficult to coment on every poem. However, be assured you're held in high esteem...

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Chhavi Anupam 23 April 2007

so much I long to say to you....the words from your poem To You are great. You are sensitive.Thanks for your comments Shelley. Chhavi Anupam

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At age 12 I wrote my first poem and after that I realized how much I not only liked reading poetry but that I loved to write poems as well.
My preferred style of writing is usually free style just because it offers the poet alot of room to express themselves without having to be too technical.Maybe over time I will enjoy thinking and following som ...

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