** ** **** Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine. Poem by Shelley L Baxter

** ** **** Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine.

Rating: 3.1

Rolling blades of grass play in the meadows green,
as bird songs whisper my name in the trees...
the breeze circles me enfolding me in its tune,
a serenade that happens on beautiful days in June.

The wind entices me with its strength to cool,
as the sun rejuvenates me with its warmth,
leaving me every so often the sky clouds over and wind ceases,
thus causing me to ponder which climate I treasure most.

Could it be the slight breeze?
which engulfs my being with the promise that a new day will unfold?
Or the heat of the bright sun rays waterfall,
which makes me squint till I close my eyes to dream?

Each force of nature wonderfully displayed and Splendid!
Each sensation inspiring to my mind, body and soul!
Both together fill me with wonder which envelopes me...
with the memories of past summer days untold.

Michael Fischer 27 April 2007

Excellent poem! I loved your imagery and your beautiful verses. I especially loved the line where you say the sun's rays make you close your eyes and dream. Top marks without a doubt! -Michael

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Geoff Warden 24 April 2007

Must agree wiht T.O. here.....absolutly splendid ride

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Tranquil Ocean 24 April 2007

The title sucks you in.....and take you on a splendid nature ride. Visual treat. Love...TO

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Lover 11 September 2022

I don't likes this........ I LOVE THIS😍😍😍😍💞💞🤍🤍

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David Harris 22 July 2007

Shelley, oh how I wish I could spend sometime in that garden of Eden you so brilliantly described here. The imagery enthralled me as I read along. Top marks from me and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Alex Y. 22 July 2007

wow shelley, I couldn't even take a breath reading that poem, it was such a peaceful poem and full of wonderful images that take you away...I have to say I truly believed I was right there with you because of your detailed description of summer nature...very nice :)

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Bob Oldfield 26 May 2007

Oh yes indeed...! Nothing better than a lazy, relaxing soak in the beauty of a summer's day. Great imagery here, Shelley - your words are powerful enough to draw one right into the sounds and smells of a beautiful (Okanagan) day! ! ! ! Keep 'em coming!

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Melvina Germain 29 April 2007

Shelley this is absolutely beautiful in every way, it captures a most beautiful summer day. Very picturesque with excellent imagry, I just love the superb flow of this peace. It has a most enjoyable feel to it, wanting you to follow it through to the end, pulling you into the poem as if walking within it's beauty. You are a very special poet who has learned how to capture the total interest of the reader. Excellent work Shelley, I'll be back for more, you can bet on it.--Melvina--

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