If A Man Could Dream... Poem by Kale Beaudry

If A Man Could Dream...

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It's the majestic manipulation of manifested feathers,
somehow created for organisms to evolve into fowl.
What happened down the line that determined this distinction?
Did He ever pause to ponder if I wanted wings?
If I wanted to fly to Florida or Mexico for winter?
And then casually cruise to Canada in the summer months?

By the Gods, what I wouldn't do for a set of wings;
say goodbye to traffic as well as stupid planes;
no more dizzying ups and downs on those elevator trains;
in retrospect, I thank my bulky brain for staying sane!
And in the thought, I'd glide gracefully above the streets,
Perhaps pearch upon a pedestal and beg for something sweet,
Get my nibble here and there and peck at people's feet,
But if I were to peck and nibble I'd also need a beak...
And what's a birds beak without down and feather?
I'd also need those in order to withstand the weather.
Now what are these - toes? ! Birds feet are better.
Ah, there we go... to mental eye, a great pleasure.

Dare a man not dream a dream in dire need of a respite?
For anyone can wish the world and be lucky to turn up earth.
I, myself, would sooner become a boundless bird,
Not necessarily because I like birds...no - it's just the wings I like;
but instead of human with wings, I'd be an angel. And I am no angel.

I am simply a man trying to escape being man.

Chloe Young 07 July 2009

i love this poem, it seems a bit humorous at first and then the last last line is absolutely beautiful and says it all <3 10

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Roshni D'Souza 24 May 2009

'Dare a man not dream a dream in dire need of a respite? ' I love that line! ! ! ! !

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Kesav Easwaran 11 May 2009

your imaginations there take wings at their will...good write...i liked...10

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Susan Bagley 02 May 2009

I absolutely LOVE this poem and right this minute it is going into my favorites. Great Job Kale. Susan

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Kale Beaudry

Kale Beaudry

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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