Fragility Poem by Kale Beaudry


Rating: 3.1

Like a dropp of rain in the wind,
Like a fish in the ocean,
Like a spark in the darkness,
A clock ticks without motion.

Like a diamond in mountains,
Like a tree in the forest,
Like a cloud in the sky,
The choir sings without chorus.

Like a shard of glass from a window,
Like a torn page from a book,
Like a burnt home in a field,
A life worth one more look.

Like red candlewax melted,
Like flame turned to ice,
Like pond ripples at midnight,
The devil grins twice.

Like a diamond buried,
Like an hourglass shifted,
Like a mirrors reflection,
A perspective twisted.

Like a star in the universe,
Like a planet in space,
Like a crater on the moon,
Life is a race,
is a race,
is a race.
And some leave too soon.


Susan Bagley 25 May 2009

Oh Kale, it is as near perfect as I can imagine it and it goes in my favorites this minute. I love it truly. Like red candle wax melted Like flame turned to ice. Gives me goose bumps! Warmest regards, Susan

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Eyan Desir 27 May 2009

Soo true and sweet..................

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Rani Turton 28 May 2009

This poem is a marvel, because it is written in a wide perspective, on a grave subject, and in spite if that, though one senses the tears, especially at the end, there is restrainst and dignity. Kale, these moments are life-changers. I'm glad you are a poet, and that your friends are remembered in this fashion. Maybe add the dates? Great work.

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Angelic Warrior 28 May 2009

sorry for ya man...this is a beautiful poem....describes exactly how short life can sad life can be.... nice work 10++

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Chitra - 28 May 2009

dear poet friend, you have a pure soul, through your kind words your friends will live on

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Alyssa Scheidemann 20 July 2009

a beautifully written, lovely poem, ode to your late friends. great job :)

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Patti Masterman 15 July 2009

This is some lush language. I enjoyed very much too the way it ended.

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Lu-Lu Martin 15 June 2009

To me, it says we're individual yet part of a whole, small yet precious and when we lose someone, it shakes us to our core, exposing the fragility of life taken by a cruel twist of fate. Lovely tribute.

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Obinna Eruchie 03 June 2009

a voice with a lot of warmth that is touching, yet it is a tribute to 2 dear friends you have lost.

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rago rago 30 May 2009

I have no words after reading the poem what to on earth never be predicted we dont know causes when results hurt we mourn.......a great write....

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Kale Beaudry

Kale Beaudry

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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