If I Am The End.....You Are My Begining Poem by Leila Kay

If I Am The End.....You Are My Begining

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If I am the sorrow....you are the uplifting joy
If i am the rain....you are the dazzling sun
If i am the wound...you are the healing balm
If i am the tear....you are the smile that soothes
If i am the lips...you are the passionate kiss
If i am the heart...you are the living beat
If i am the weary traveller....you are my journeys end
If i am the heavens....you are the divine light
If i am the day....you are my endless night
If i am the singer...you are the song that i sing
If i am the storm....you are my calm that follows
If i am the fountain....you are my cool water
If i am the end....you are my begining

Andrew mark Wilkinson 04 May 2007

Speak not of the end, but alaways of the begining... andy xx 12

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Hazem Al Jaber 03 May 2007

if you are the words... i am your letters which contains.. if you are the feelings... i am the heart which feel in... if you are the poet... i am you poetries.. xxx so beautiful my dear leila.. yours hazem

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Duncan Wyllie 30 April 2007

If I am impressed..then I am impressed buy writes such as these, QUALITY Love duncan X

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