The Sculptor Poem by Leila Kay

The Sculptor

Rating: 5.0

With his loving fingertips he beholds with the eyes of his heart
Each and every curve still virginal in his mind
With longing eyes he gazes lovingly at the lifeless piece of clay
Nameless shapeless

He carves moulds sculpts late into the night
With Knowing hands, loving hands
He does not need light or sight
With soft moonlight he touches teases moulds every curve

Finally she begins to take form
His beautiful Venus
He caresses her with such passion longing and love
He cups her flawless youthful face
Runs his hands down her slender neck down over her breasts
Breasts swollen soft and silky
His mouth lets out an involuntary moan

Travelling further down to her slender midriff
Pressing his fingertip gently creating the perfect indentation

Slowly gently tentatively he lowers his head
His lips touch her very core
Momentarily he inhales then exhales
Wishing with all his life
He could breathe life into her
To have and to hold as his own
To call her his very own

Ben Gieske 29 November 2008

You have composed a masterful work. What is most impressive is the way you weave all your rhyming words and words with similar sounds which add a softness and lightness to the overall effect. A sense of continual motion is evident. Not hard to picture the story that unfolds.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 03 May 2007

You write with such passion Leila, you make the reader feel every touch and what a sculptor you are... andy x 10

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Duncan Wyllie 29 April 2007

This has a sensual feel to it, very evocative in style, Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan X

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Hazem Al Jaber 28 April 2007

more than passionate.. and more than every thing i heard.. your words and you feelings are so beautiful as you.. thx my sweet leila for this great job... yours hazem

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... Sheila 27 April 2007

Very sensuous and visual to the reader. Wonderful poem.

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