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I need to figure out how to truly be cool, before not being cool becomes the cool thing to do...
I havn't been on the site regularly in quite some time. I pretty much had stopped writing altogether after a series of rather unfortunate events, and even more significantly, a series of realizations i had about life and about being human in general. By the way, I'm going to leave my old bio below, in parentheses. I was probably 23-ish when I first wrote the original bio, and then 27 when I found myself in Arizona and added onto it. I'm leaving the old bio and all the old poems I suddenly do not care much for all posted on the site, so the contrast between my old self and the person I've become may be seen. Currently I've been in a perpetual state of self-criticism, and've been trying t ...

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Death Sentence

When you finally realize
your life is a death sentence
in every breath
your eyes and mind
try to find transcendence
and independence
before you die.

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Ray Quesada Popularity

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