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If I Were God - Poem by M.D Dinesh Nair

If I were 'God',
I would first go for making myself
A figure with eyes, ears, feelings and a mind.
For I don`t want to be treated as an invisible and dubious spirit
About whom the liars and the cowards will sing again and again.

If I were 'God',
I would come along with the big bang and would`nt exist before that
And I would`nt do creation for 13 billion years
For I can`t answer the question of many 'what I was doing before that'
To which I cannot answer 'I was creating a hell for them all'.

If I were 'God',
I would next go for a smaller world of
A prettier and smaller earth, a milder sun and a shapely moon
For the ones today there are have terrible looks.

If I were 'God',
There would be no Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Uranus, Neptune or Pluto around this smaller Solar System
For I can`t waste my time makings things like kids unlike 'Him'.

If I were 'God',
And I would never go for a trillion galaxies, their planets
Nor for a hundred billion stars and the asteroids neither
To create Stephen Hawkins and his peers
For I know there are too much of universe around us now.

If I were 'God',
I would first go for eternity on the earth for all fauna and flora
And I would`nt test them for years with a smaller life on the earth
For I know whatever I create should be eternal like me.

If I were 'God',
I would be like a father and mother of all
And would feed all and sing cradle song for all babies alike
For I can feel the sobs of all mortals ever.

If I were 'God',
I would kill none with cancer, heart ailment
Nor would I crush a new born baby under a wheel
For I know tears of my children are very hot.

If I were 'God'
I Would fill the land with happiness infinite and
Would hug my sons and daughters ever and ever
For I know my home can`t be on an alien land.

If I were 'God',
I would never divide the lands, nor the people
And would allow neither Krishna wage a war nor the Buddha to die.
I would allow neither Jesus to die nor the Prophet to flee
For all my children will be free from the evil thoughts and deeds.

If I were 'God',
I would allow no classes to emerge and,
There would`nt be the rich and the poor as well
For I know I must have a vision for all.

If I were 'God',
I would have roses without thorns and kids without tears
And will not first breed mosquitoes and then ask man to kill them
For I know how they can contradict the phases of our life.

If I were 'God',
I would shatter the clouds of scare and terror from their minds
And the eves would walk free in the world.
I can guess the power of equations in human life
For I have to otherwise kill the monsters outraging the fairer sex
Including the small girls in their early teens.

If I were 'God',
I would allow either a deer or a tiger
And never both
For I know a dying deer`s cry will cast a shadow on my misdeed.
I would never cripple a limb nor a brain.

If I were 'God',
I shall wipe the tears of the odd ones out
And tell them the tales of my own 'imagination'.
If I were 'God',
I will make them all smile with the bliss shared by all
And would fill the land with concern and empathy unbound though.

If I were 'God',
Mortals would wonder what the world would be
Without all this infinite wealth and fullness for all
For I know they would think and think while sleeping too.

If I were 'God',
I would finally dance to the tunes of joy on the earth
And may later vanish into nothingness into my first eternity
With no human voice to cry, ' Where are you? '
As the eternity on the earth would be well beyond its needs.

If I were 'God',
I would ask writers to write my pronoun as 'he/she' and not 'He'
For I know I can be greater only through my deeds.
I am terrorised to imagine how my peers
Judge me for not being just one among like them!

If I were 'God',
I would never write this and
If you were all 'Gods',
You would spare me, I know.
Please, enjoy this poem and its fate is left to your mercy.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

If God ever chances to read this poem, I expect Him to pay me a million Dollars for getting enlightened on how to be a real God.

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