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Happy New Year To Dear Poem Hunter Friends..

Happy new year to you all..
Leave alone the degrees of its variation.
Happy new year to you
Because you are all dear to me.

How To Honour Our Poethood?

We may note that some of our poet friends stoop down to levels of mudslinging at those whom they don`t like, making derogatory remarks, posting hurting comments and then managing to win the appreciation of a few for some other writes in all hypocrisy.

Another wrong habit to be done away with is excessive submission of many poems at a time on a regular basis!

This Winter Too Is No Different

This winter too, we can see
Will arrive like a dragon
With a thousand tooth sharp enough
To bite into the bones of the homeless.

On This Teachers` Day I Salute You My Star Teachers...

SEPTEMBER 5 is celebrated in India as TEACHERS`DAY and the celebration is done on the day which is the BIRTH DAY of Late Dr SARVEPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN [THE SECOND PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA]who was a great teacher.

On this September 5 I am paying tribute to 6 of my STAR TEACHERS whom I have ever loved, respected and of whom I have ever been proud as they were and are my great teachers of all times.

The Tale Of Departure Retold

The sudden departure of the beloved ones
Often casts many a dark cloud on our blue sky of life
It cripples us and tests our mobility across the track full of boulders
And then leaves us stranded with many a pedestrian passing by.

The Bull In The City [ 'Nagaramlo Vrushabham' ]


'Nagaramlo Vrushabham' is a popular Telugu poem written by Srirangam Srinivasarao [Sri Sri ].
Here is the translation of it in English.

If God Ever Offers To Befriend Me*...

If God ever wishes to befriend me,
First I shall tell him,
'Wait, let me feel You once'
And I shall stretch my hands to Him.

Quiet Flows A Small River

Quiet flows a small river
And a small boat floats on its silence.
Nothing goes wrong for some time-
Nothing at all goes wrong....

The Scare

A scare hitherto unknown haunts,
A sigh of seasons ahead is heaved,
An anguish over these times and
An ambivalence of what is done or not is there

A Camel

A camel
That walks alone
Across the desert unending
Has no pretentions.

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