The Scare Poem by M D Dinesh Nair

The Scare

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A scare hitherto unknown haunts,
A sigh of seasons ahead is heaved,
An anguish over these times and
An ambivalence of what is done or not is there
There is a scare..

The innocence of the seventies has gone,
The enigmas of the eighties have been traced,
The boom of the nineties has come to a halt
And where is the optimism bloomed in the new millennium?
There is a scare..

A falling economy and a restless human stock,
The Egyptian civil war and the floods across the globe,
The vanishing forests and the butterflies in extinction
Have all begun to cause a concern large.
There is a scare..

The faces of a few more men have been unveiled
As their masks have been finally found!
The faces of a few more women too have faded
Whom we mistook to have angelic selves!
There is a scare that has come to stay.

Diane`s poems on lands infinite in charms,
Hazel`s recollections of a life far and near,
Valerie`s imagination flowing like a stream and
Valsa`s verses reaching new escalations are there!
There is still a scare around..

Shahzia and Yasmeen carry their torches of erudition,
Unwritten soul sings like a nightingale,
Magic Box and Payal bounce from their lofty abodes and
Dave, Heather and Anthony are melodious in tones.
There is a scare even then....

Atop a hill that is alien to stars and birds
I shall stand for a while alone,
When man and women throng and sing together
I shall search for the pool of my first origin
And go back into its waters cool.

May my mind swim across its soft waves
Till your world is set right by you all?
Shall I breathe from the deep downs there
For the present lost in apprehensions of
A scare that is there?

'The Scare Revisited'follows
Dinesan Madathil 22 August 2013

When scared, we do things in a frantic manner and that is what I am doing.... But the poetic licence has been misused I think.... Madam Valsa and Aswath thanks indeed for your diametrically polar comments.

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Valerie Dohren 22 August 2013

Does our poetry 'scare you Dinesh - much of poetry hopefully lifts the soul above fear. I can sense this as a passionate and intense write, , but am not sure of the message.

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Dinesan Madathil 23 August 2013

Valerie, what I mean is 'despite all your pleasant poetry there is a scare around'. If I have failed to convey any message through this hurriedly executed write, I regret and am appending the second part of it titled 'THE SCARE REVISITED'. Thanks indeed Valerie for your frank comment.

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Aswath Raman 21 August 2013

I see you lead the pack of good people by your amazing verses and concerns. We are not afraid anymore but if the leader himself is scared, what would happen to others? Aashanaksharamonnu.... I vote 10 sir!

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Valsa George 21 August 2013

While others throng and sing, you are weighed down by the enormous weight of the world like Hercules holding the globe on his shoulders! You often seem to burn in the cauldron of cosmic eventualities! But here towards the end, like an escapist, you run from a world of scare and apprehensions to a mount alien to birds and stars! Come down to join the team of your friends! ! Carry only so much that you can bear! ! The serious tone somehow is dialuted by some personal references! !

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Dinesan Madathil 17 September 2013

Thank you Bri Edwards for being here as yet another person from the strange species of atheists.. There is nothing else scaring us other than the fact that the world around us cannot understand the truth of the kind we speak with a million evidences sir. My lines can be read between and you have done it..

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Bri Edwards 16 September 2013

if i hadn't read in your bio that you have atheistic views (means you are an atheist, correct?) , i might think that I in the poem is God speaking. of course it could be. just because a poem says one thing, it doesn't mean the poem's author believes or disbelieves that thing. much of poetry and prose is fictional, at least to some degree. anyway, i believe it IS nonfiction that there is a scare in the lives of many, sometimes due to real scary things and sometimes due to imagined scary things. thank goodness [not God; i also have atheistic views] each of us will die some day, putting an end to our individual least i HOPE death will. :) thanks for writing and sharing. bri p.s. i did NOT think for a second that you were saying there is/was anything scary in PH poems.......even though there probably is in some of them.

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Yasmin Khan 05 September 2013 you are concerned with your poet-friends' writings. You have expressed your genuine thoughts. Can I say awareness create an awe in our hearts?

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Chandra Thiagarajan 02 September 2013

A fantastic poem written from the core of your heart.

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Hazel Durham 23 August 2013

I think the world was always a scary place but if we can live our lives with truth and passion for or our families and friends making our own small world a better place this will have a knock on effect that will ripple out and embrace maybe a less scary place! I really enjoyed this superb write!

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