If Peace Does Not Replace A Certain War. Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

If Peace Does Not Replace A Certain War.

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Peace is still away from
Our roads and
From our streets
Simply because we are at war
With this ugly life
Around us,
The real battlefield of life is
Where you complain from the shortage of
Trivial things up to
Those which we need urgently
Anywhere and everywhere,
We only replace the word "war"
With the word " peace " just
To name them correctly,
As long as we suffer from
That ugly life that
Besieges us badly
With its ugly thorns, then
Peace is another war
Although it is replaced with
The word " war",
We do not see any good solution
To that on-going war that
Brings havoc, misery, destruction, and
A lot of sufferings and pains
To all of us,
Regretfully we can not do anything
To stop a tiny war or
A big war
Anywhere and everywhere,
If peace does not replace a bad war
For what is great and helpful, then
It is another war that brings only
All that is bad to everyone and even
To everything around us.

If Peace Does Not Replace A Certain War.
Monday, April 1, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: war and peace
Kumarmani Mahakul 01 April 2019

When peace is away from our path, this entirely provokes thought. But we need peace at each moment. This poem is excellently penned.10

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Mohammad Skati 02 April 2019

I always dearly appreciate your pretty comments, dear poet. We greatly need that pretty peace which we keep looking for it. Thanks.

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Douglas Scotney 01 April 2019

thanks for widening 'war'

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Mohammad Skati 02 April 2019

Thanks for your pretty words, dear poet.

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Doug Bentley 01 April 2019

I have been fighting a lifelong battle with an endless sequence of neighbors who don't like me. Compared to a next door neighbor who tried to have me thrown in the psychiatric ward because I almost crammed a pencil in his idiotic ear a nuclear bomb blast would be merciful. We just can't seem to figure out that most strangers are good and insist on being paranoid of everyone.

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Mohammad Skati 02 April 2019

We need to be closer to our neighbor. We need peace everywhere. We need to be nice to people just to display our politeness. Thanks, dear poet.

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