If You Believed Poem by Nikhil Parekh

If You Believed

If you believed in the sweetness of royal pudding,
It's because of decayed yellow sour cream.

If you believed in blissful meadows of lush green grass,
It's because of barren landscapes scorching in the tumultuous fury of the sun.

If you believed in hi- tech computers with a plethora of software chips,
It's because of the onerous task of scribbling on sheets of jute paper.

If you believed in rich milk extracted from cow teats,
It's because of the obnoxious odor inhabiting barrels of canned milk.

If you believed in luxury sedans traversing with silken grace,
It's because of the aching feet rendered sore due the onset of age.

If you believed in holistic sunlight filtering through your skin pores,
It's because of disease breeding in an ambience of ghastly darkness.

If you believed in crisp notes of dollar currency,
It's because of intractable woes of misery and starvation to death.

If you believed in dancing to pulsating beats of country music,
It's because of the tension that encapsulates you while lying solitary.

If you believed in consuming blood red apple juice,
It's because of dreary exhaustion sapping exuberance from your brain.

If you believed in bathing in torrential rain tumbling down,
It's because of the claustrophobic showers projecting from the bathroom rail.

If you believed in inhaling the fresh scent of moistened earth,
It's because of the bountiful smoke drifting in atmosphere.

If you believed in laughing all night long,
It's because of the saline tears that poured incessantly down your cheek.

If you believed in the ergonomic interiors of your cane roof house,
It's because of bitter currents of cold you encountered on the streets.

If you believed in pursuing the quest for education,
It's because of tags of stigmatic tags of illiteracy riveted to your persona.

If you believed in cruising on the grandiloquent ship,
It's because of fear of drowning in unfathomably deep waters of the ocean.

If you believed in sipping black cocktail drinks from crystal mugs,
It's because of unseething agony that grips your heart.

If you believed in adorning the wrists with a sports watch,
It's because of insecurity generated when oblivious to time.

If you believed sleeping like a demon all throughout the vigils of winter night,
It's because of the overwhelming work that awaits your anatomy the succeeding day.

If you believed in loving someone with all your heart and soul,
It's because of meaningless existence that divests all purpose in life.

If you believed in cool waves of air leaking from the air conditioner,
It's because of blistering waves of heat striking you left, right, and center.

If you believed in placid light of the opalescent moon,
It's because of blinding rays of the peninsula of Sun.

If you believed in benevolent goodness that exists,
It's because of volatile outbursts of violent crime.

If you believed in immaculate anecdotes of truth,
It's because of insatiable deception camouflaging the world.

If you believed in youth bustling with euphoric fervor,
It's because of perils that come uninvited in realms of old age.

And if you believed in the supreme aura of sacrosanct Godhead,
It's simply because of the gruesome devil.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: belief,nice
Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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