I'm An Adult Poem by Randy McClave

I'm An Adult

I don't spread gossip or lies or ever an insult,
If not a proven fact then I know that it's just a lie
A peace of factual knowing no one can contradict or deny,
So, I believe in the truth, because I'm an adult.

I don't believe in rumors and I won't let them catapult,
I will laugh and then I will ignore those lies that I hear
First with a prayer and then a hymn there is no fear,
That's why I always believe in the facts alone, because I am an adult.

I don't follow mobs or racist groups or any crazy cult,
I don't wave or carry banners other than my state or my country's flag
Never do I promote or show off a piece of a propaganda rag,
And I don't wear insulting hats or shirts because I'm an adult.

As a child cries and screams with great exult,
When they make up stories from movies and/or books
Where they believe in wizards and monsters and caring crooks,
I do not mimic that child, because I am a adult

Fake news sites I will not ever believe or consult,
Neither do I believe in those ignorant elected officials or tabloid sites
I am against the racist hate of others who believe in power to the whites,
Because, I am a Christian-caring Bible carrying adult.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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