I'm A Republican - Spoke Nancy Poem by Randy McClave

I'm A Republican - Spoke Nancy

I'm a true Republican
And I stand Red, white and blue,
I'm a patriotic American
Through and true.
I fought against the LGBT community
With every known opportunity,
I stood and believed against it strongly
And if you believed in it you believed in it wrongly.

I'm a true Republican
As I stand upon my perch,
Because, of them I supported someone
So, I fought against stem cell research.
I stood and I believed in the old timers
Then my husband got Alzheimer's,
So, I knew Alzheimer's was a terrible disease
Which destroys memory as it does please.

I'm a true Republican
I stand against any and all gun laws,
We need everyone armed with a gun
To protect and to defend us from conflict and brawls.
I believe and I supported the NRA
I defend whatever they believed and did say,
They are our way of life
Without them we'd have turmoil and strife.

I am a Republican
My husband was one day by an assassin shot,
By a crazy person who owned a gun
Murder is what he had sought.
Then from the closet my daughter came out
So, as a parent I supported her with pride and a shout,
Then when my husband needed stem cell
I then began supporting it asm well.

I then realized Republicans don't care about mayhem
Until it happens or affects one of them.

Randy L. McClave

This poems was inspired by all republicans, especially Nancy Reagan
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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