Im In Love With You Poem by Lacie Wasserman

Im In Love With You

Knowing you for years. Loving you for months. Thinking everythings perfect. Till you said those heart breaking words. Me blinking at you stupidly. Just nodding in agreement. I walk away, tears forming in my eyes. I see you staring at me as I walk away and turn the corner. My best friend lost. As well as my lover. Confused of what I might have done wrong. Heart acheing. Heart breaking. Tears falling. Not knowing what to do. The world around me spinning. Can't think straight. I know that I cant find another person whos as special as you were to me. I'm in love with you. Seeing you happy makes me happy. If this choice is what you want, then I'll grin and bear it. Knowing that your happy and for me to see you smileing even if its with another person is ok with me. I just want to see taht goregous smile on that goregous person that I love. It might hurt me at first, but I'll get used to the pain. I just hope you knew and that I showed you enough. I'm in love with you.

James Mclain 10 June 2009

if you love him this much..he must love you..when you it..? ..iip

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