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Images Of Life

Rating: 4.5

I travel in reality and I travel in my dreams like a sailor or like a lover Simply because I would like To be in unknown worlds never saw before, I look for a better life That makes me better, I would like to know more and more people Just to add to my pretty list of friends, I would like to know the whole world and What it contains, I would like to have a pretty boat that I can set sail into different cities Where I can find new people to accompany, Life is pretty as long as we travel In it from one place to another, Through our traveling, We come through different stations, We enjoy the pretty life with our attempts To be good and to be patient, This world of ours is a great mirror in which We see ourselves coming and going, We get impressions about everyone and about everything Through our traveling stations of life.... Our pretty travels never end as long as We do our best to be here and there To find our good lucks only.... It's life and its sweet pleasures that We look for.... Hope is a great destination anywhere and everywhere.... This is life around us with all the pretty things it has.... ______________________________________________________________________

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: hope