Temple Jones

Rookie (06-01-1977 / Oak Park, Illinosi)

Imagine Me - Poem by Temple Jones

Did you imagine that my life would be perfect?
Money, cars and fame
Shopping sprees, money to blow and don’t have a care about it
My life was actually lame

Imagine me hiding from the hurt, pain and worries of my life.
I have done so much dirt
I have made pain
I didn’t mean any hurt
I made many lives full of rain

Imagine me a person with no guidance in life
Cause so much strife
I was a housewife not taking care of you
This was true

Life hard

Fleeing from the truth
Running into trouble
My life was a surrounded by a big bubble
Fake friends and fake personality
This was the start of my real self deteriorating

Imagine me a person so fragile
Imagine me with no one to talk to
Imagine me unfaithful
Imagine me depressed
Imagine me not the person I should be

I ran into another person’s arms
He kept me safe from harm
He was the one I felt love for
My husband I scorned
My son was shortly born

You look like him
Eyes, ears, mouth nose
Your cheeks were the color of a pink rose

Imagine me not being the spouse you need
But you took my heart until it bleed
You hurt and harmed
But in another you charmed
This was something that I knew
But without you I knew I would be screwed

Confessing my sins
About the things that took placed then
Knocking at death’s door
I needed to be reborn
Confiding that my secret was safe
But now

My family I leave behind
I was not perfect
I was not an angel
I was not the person you thought I was

Can you imagine me now with the layers off
Showing you my inner soul
It’s not pretty
It’s not gloom
But when I get to heaven I will be another soul who has bloom

Imagine me now better
Imagine me now happier
Imagine me now the person I should have been a long time ago
Imagine me no hurt
Imagine me no pain
Imagine me be positive
Imagine me to be the person that I need you to become

Imagine me being free
Imagine me being in love with myself
Imagine me being strong
Imagine me making things that was wrong into right

Imagine me turning my life around, testifying about the Goodness of God, how he brought me out of darkness and into the marvelous light. He is Alpha and Omega who sees all things way beyond that I can.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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