Impulsive Reaction Poem by Amber Piercy

Impulsive Reaction

Impulsive Reaction

Prompt: A Hat-Box Becomes A Stash-Box Or Does It?

Elenore Saga Part: 6

This morning I received another letter
I should respond, but I know better
She has to know by now that it's truly over
As I stared at the wax stamped clover

I debated if I should break the seal
Or just let wounded hearts heal
She needs to let this go
Her family crest makes three in a row

But as soon as the courier delivered our wire
I immediately built up the fire
The January frost moves quickly at night
Especially during the dawn's light

I stared at the hearth, waiting to feel its heat
As I stood in my stocking feet
My plan was to turn her words to embers
For the pain is not mine it's hers

A soft noise makes my heart skip a beat
As I hear the padding of her smooth feet
With letters in hand, I panic
Around the room, my eyes flick

I soon spotted my saving grace
As the seconds tick by, my heart begins to race
Upon the mantle sat an old hat-box
As I open it, my stomach rocks

For now, this will have to do
To hide the truth from hurting you
My sin I choose to bear
But as for Elenore, this pain she can't share

My love is deeper than my mistakes
If unleashed, the whole Earth shakes
I can't live one day without you
Your love, my own heart, be true

I kiss your lips by morning's light
In this moment, everything is right
Oh, my sweet, sweet Elenore
Tis' you I live for

A.D. Small
May 8,2023

Dennis Ryan 09 May 2023

I liked reading this poem, it's language, your word choice. I thin you can become a fine poet. Keep on writing poems, the more the better.

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Amber Piercy 03 April 2024

Thank you so much for your heartfelt, I greatly appreciate the fact that you like my piece I hope you have a wonderful day!

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