Firestorm Poem by Amber Piercy


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You design triangles with my hands
Throw fire on my sand
then ask me if I understand

You never tried to reach me
Your fingertips were never there
You screamed at my insanity
And I pulled out each hair

If you like the way I dance then just tell me
Don't scream at my insanity
And then set me free

To love pillow fights in the darkness
To spin and laugh at life
To die with every kiss
Is like thrusting upon a knife

I would die in this Hell beside you
To know I'd love you through
Because that's what I do

I do miss the old us sometimes
To be young and hopeless
Before all the old crimes
were a lover's kiss

To reach out to you is what I need
My eyes bleed
For a body that is dying in need

I can't scream at you anymore
It blends into the background
Of every slamming door
And how a dying heart sounds

To fight is like a dying breath
That bleeds into what's next
Until there's nothing left

But my love for you overcomes it all
The purest of fine lace
Make it to the next curtain call
Just to rest upon your soft face

I love to love you past the pain
What is hurt without gain
Because I want to be with you in this rain

To set fire to this storm
To make it past them gates with you
Your my love's truest form
A dying that's true

A.D. Small
March 16,2017

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: trust,respect,true love,romance,marriage,life,devotion,feelings,emotions,faith,joy,happiness
Amber Piercy 13 June 2022

Thank you guys so much i appreciate the support.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 June 2022

Beautifully written

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" To die with every kiss / Is like thrusting upon a knife"… beautiful poetry… the pangs of love captured in their full intensity and fullness.

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A great feeling of love and intensity of a come-back.. nice.

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Amber Piercy 11 July 2022

I am so glad that you like my poem thank you so much for the comments and support. Have a great day.

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