A Lizards' Tail Poem by Amber Piercy

A Lizards' Tail

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A Lizards' Tail

Hi I'm a lizard named Sam and I live in a tree
And every year a million people come from around the world to see me
You may ponder what makes this lizard so special oh, well I'll tell ya!
Well thats easy of course I can talk to humans in the heart of Australia
It started out small at first and that was a doozy
I accidentally whistled at a red head and she called me a floozy
She did not know it was I of course
But I laughed so hard I got hoarse
The guy behind her was itching for a slap
So she turned around and gave him a good smack
Well that's how it started and it went uphill from there
Now I'm on every TV a daytime millionaire
I met Oprah for the first time and she thought I was canny
Well until I made a joke and laughed at her fanny
I traveled from London to Paris Hell even Kentucky
I tried to meet the guy who invented fried chicken but I wasn't that lucky
Me and the Geico guy play golf sometimes
But he needs pants and to read between the lines
Oh I didn't know being famous could be so fun
But for being a lizard though I can only climb or run
How do I even spend money I don't own a lizard pocket
And why does one of my eyes keep rolling around in it's socket
I thought being a talking lizard would be cool
Until I lost my swim trunks one day at the pool
Well I guess for now I'll chill in my tree
At least for now the birds wont bug me
I'm going to make my crazy eye fall asleep soon
And who knows maybe read part two under the moon

A.D. Small
November 18,2018

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: children,fantasy,fiction,silly,magic,humor,animals
Ruslan Kerimov 08 July 2024

This is a great piece of poetry with wonderful imagery...

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Amber Piercy 11 July 2022

Thank you so much i wrote this for my son when he was having a hard time. And he absolutely loved it. I am glad you enjoyed it friend. Have a good day.

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Nabakishore Dash 06 July 2022

Well crafted, but humorous talking lizard.

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