In My Mind Poem by Abubakar Mohammed Musa

In My Mind

In my mind I see a morning sun,
I see it in the morning catching light like a diamond,
Cutting through the curtains of my room,
Yielding the jacarandas of my farm,
Giving a jollity to the sunflowers in the farm,
Glistening on the golden jardinieres of my window,
And enriching the flowers around my door.

In my mind I see hatred,
In it I see politic as a Devil's Handiwork,
I see some of my country politicians as jackasses,
Their supporters as dullards,
Their opponents also as dullards,
And I see umpteen aspersions in them.

In my mind I see love,
In it I see my Mama as an Empress of women,
My Papa as an Emperor of men,
My sister as a Queen of women,
My brother as a King of men.
In it I see Batul as a Queen of ladies of Suleja,
Or should I say a queen through out of Niger.

In my mind I see suicide,
In it I see life worthless,
The world also worthless,
See myself rejected by friends,
Disappointed by my ex-girlfriends.
At my right I see depression,
At my left I see oppression,
Behind me I see injustice,
Before me I see slavery,
I see racism everywhere,
And I hear criticism everywhere.

In my mind I see dreams,
In it I see my future destination,
I see sun brightening my fortunate days,
Moon brightening my fortunate nights,
And stars decorating my paths.
In it I see no asphyxiation,
I see no vexation,
I see no give-ups on my ways,
Because I only see brightness in all the future days.
In my mind I see patriotism,
In it I see Africa to the world as a best asset,
Nigeria to the Africa as a best asset.
In it I see the best asset to Nigeria is Northeast,
And Gombe the best asset of the Northeast.
In it I see blackman as a precious gem,
In America 2pac is the precious gem,
From him in America mine mind sees patriotism.

In my mind I see facts of life,
In it I see all roads lead to grave,
During fighting, help, lion doesn't crave.
In it I see knowledge is light,
In it also I see life is tight,
I realized 'we ain't leaders of tomorrow',
Police treat us in sorrow,
In Nigeria 'bail isn't free',
In it I realized Nigeria isn't a single tree,
In it I realized something is nothing,
In it I realize anything is nothing,
And in it I realize 'injustice is accompanied by ignorance'.

In my mind I see my mind,
In it I see my mind is my bestfriend,
In my mind I see myself,
In my mind I see my life,
In my mind I see myself,
In it I see my mind,
In it I see myself,
I see my life,
I see dreams,
I see love,
I see hatred,
I see injustice,
I see patriotism,
I see suicide,
I see sun,
I see moon,
I see stars,
And in my mind I see the whole life.

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