In Our Pollution Of Nature Poem by Francis Duggan

In Our Pollution Of Nature

We fear and we worship our God in the sky
And we insult our great Goddess who lives nearby
Yet without her we would not have life to enjoy
And the beauty of Nature we choose to destroy

We are told that food crops on the Moon or on Mars will not grow
And of no other Planet to live on we know
So what are we doing to this Planet of ours
When we poison the weeds we too poison the flowers.

We pollute the waterways the land and the sky
And abuse our Earth Mother I do wonder why?
Since on her for food and water we depend
It seems like assaulting your best ever friend.

In our pollution of Nature I too must take blame
But in my worship of her I don't feel any shame
We all have our Gods and she is God to me
Her beauty and miracles for all to see.

With food and with water all of us she supply
But of the respect she is due to her we do deny
For our lack of respect for her there will be a huge price to pay
For future generations on some future day.

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