In The Beginning - The Questions And Lies

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.....and why, my sweet do I not miss you,
why do I feel no pain sensation?
There is no mad urge to possess you,
I do not need you for salvation.

And, can I live, my sweet, without you?
My life before you - was it hell?
Am I obsessed, bewitched about you
and do I need you, to be well?

I'd always thought that it takes two
to be in love, be with each other,
that one must give, as lovers do
to get one's share, like 'love your mother'.

I also knew that love makes blind,
another principle that's wrong.
I am full of love, the simple kind,
my heart is singing my lovesong.

How can this be, it sounds so crazy:
To love someone, an absenteé?
Perhaps I am a trifle lazy,
it matters not if she loves me? ? ?

Or is this self-love, like Narcissus,
pre-occupation with the ego?
My friends say that one needs a 'missus'
on this path, then, you won't see me go.

Then tell me, do I have no passion?
No hormones fuelling desire,
my feelings, are they out of fashion,
is there no burning and no fire?

And to be honest: I don't know
what any of this means, my sweet.
Confusion reigns, yet you're aglow
deliciously from head to feet.

A boy I have not been for ages,
some wisdom has come from above,
young lovers should be kept in cages
to keep the passion from the love.

How do I love thee, let me show you please,
I welcome you, if this is what can be;
the opportunity that one of us must seize
may seal our pact forever -you and me.

. . 12 November 2004

His heart has settled on one heart in it's all about patience and opportunity. Excellent!

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