In The Dark

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Like a pile of broken bricks
ones they said you’d never fix.
Like a rhyme that has no song
a song that sings of what has gone.
Lyrics that fall like tears
words that in your eyes are fears.
Tears that on your cheeks
are flowing creeks of sorrows wept.
Memories are all you have to keep
when dreaming in your restless sleep
of the ways your life might go
in all tomorrows that they show.
Thinking, can it make it so
will it change the future
what do we know?
Lying here in the dark
waiting for the breaking light.
wondering what might come
with the rising of the early morning sun.
Heart leaps up and mind falls quiet
when you find lying still
deep inside your heart, your will
my love which never did depart
when you were dreaming, in the dark.

Dee Daffodil 21 June 2007

This one takes my breath's lovely and flows so smoothly Hugs, dee

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Not a member No 4 11 June 2007

There's a lovely rippling effect that carries the reader smoothly through this. Clever, intricately formed poem with a clinker of an exit couplet. best, jim

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Marci Made 11 June 2007

These are all things that I wish I could find many times not just in my dreams in the dark but most especially that they would permanently stay in my heart....nice poem here, lots of emotion..............marci.m. :)

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