In The Name Of Such-And-Such... - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

They kill us with their hatred And with their ugly jet planes... They only bring havoc and disorder To our pretty lands in the name of Protecting them from such-and-such... We know our enemies one-by-one and Even if they hide themselves inside Their ugly clothes or anywhere... They kill us just to spread their Ugly upper-hand on our authority... Self-defense is a priority if our Ugly enemies don't understand the The true meaning of defending one's Pretty land even if we sacrifice our Pretty souls to protect the whole people... Our lands are red lines that can not Be trodden by any kind of those ugly Enemies anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Their ugly jet planes, Their nasty tanks, Their all weaponry, and And all weapons of evil will be turned Into junks in our yards' junkyards... As long as we love to die, them Our ugly enemies should choose between To give up or to die bitterly in Our lands like any ugly cowards... Long live our pretty lands! Down with all of those of evil's allies! Victory will be within our reach As long as we are greatly united as one... _________________________________________________ _____________________

Topic(s) of this poem: freedom

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 23, 2015

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