In Your Love! Poem by Sanji-Paul Arvind

In Your Love!

In the quiet whispers of a night,
In the gentle glow of morning light,
I love you with all my might,
My love for you, an endless flight.

To the ends of the earth, I soar,
My heart's song, forevermore.
You're my favorite, my sweet amour,
In your arms, I find my core.

With all my being, I will adore,
To the end of the world, I implore.
Let's journey back to times of yore,
Where love's simplicity is restored.

You are celestial, my guiding star,
In your embrace, I feel no scar.
You're my reality, my memoir,
In your love, I find no bar.

You're my fantasy, my dreams untold,
In your eyes, my stories unfold.
Just you and me, together bold,
In your love, my heart will enfold.

I can't fathom losing you,
In your love, my strength renews.
You're my family, my chosen few,
In your love, my soul accrues.

No matter what, I'll choose your side,
With you, my fears I'll override.
Don't let go, with you I'll abide,
You are my heart's pride.

I trust you, believe in you,
In you, I find what's true.
You're my best friend, in all I do,
You always lead my dreams, I pursue.

Always, I think of you,
In your love, my spirit grew.
Your gift, this verse anew,
In your love, my world imbue.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: affinity and love,love,dreams,night,star,sun,moon
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