Sanji-Paul Arvind Poems

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A Dead Man's Poem!

When I realized, soul departing,
Remembering, whole life, a cloud passing.
An infant playing in a mothers lap,
As a kid for mistakes, getting a slap.

My Itenary, Destination You!

Head to toe,
All the places, I wish to go,
Exploring every inch of your skin,
Flesh, Heart, Mind and deep within.

Love Is A Monster!

Love is a monster, horrible to depart,
Lives in a cave, pops out only to eat my heart.
Memories carved in my brain,
Letting go will cause much more pain.

In The Beauty And Curves, My Pleasure!

The curves, the shape, round,
Everytime I touch it, it blows my mind.
Both, fills my hand,
I hold and I squeeze, and I bend.

You Are My Weather!

You are my weather, ever-changing,
With each mood, a season rearranging.
In your joy, a warm summer's day,
Sunshine and laughter in every way.

A Beginning With New Chance!

Like clouds my mind is dashing,
And my eyes will forever rain.
A tempest of thoughts ever flashing,
With dreams, both in joy and in pain.

My Auspiciously Precious One!

You are my Precious,
My love towards you is Pious,
My intentions are not malicious,
All I want was to cherish you as glorious.

Your Presence, A Treasure!

In your eyes, the stars find their glow,
A radiant warmth makes my heart aglow.
Your laughter, a melody of pure and what a sight,
Bringing worlds joy to my every passing night.

A Poem For My Daughter!

Every child, a gift from god,
You my dear, a blessing, I am proud.
My precious one, my joy, my pride,
Forever by your side, I'll abide.

In My Eyes!

My eyes are just filled with your image,
Can't show it to you with courage.
Forever my heart will regret the damage,
Memories with you seem like a mirage.

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