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When I realized, soul departing,
Remembering, whole life, a cloud passing.
An infant playing in a mothers lap,
As a kid for mistakes, getting a slap.

Head to toe,
All the places, I wish to go,
Exploring every inch of your skin,
Flesh, Heart, Mind and deep within.

Love is a monster, horrible to depart,
Lives in a cave, pops out only to eat my heart.
Memories carved in my brain,
Letting go will cause much more pain.

The curves, the shape, round,
Everytime I touch it, it blows my mind.
Both, fills my hand,
I hold and I squeeze, and I bend.

You are my weather, ever-changing,
With each mood, a season rearranging.
In your joy, a warm summer's day,
Sunshine and laughter in every way.

Like clouds my mind is dashing,
And my eyes will forever rain.
A tempest of thoughts ever flashing,
With dreams, both in joy and in pain.

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In land called India, where dreams unfold, A simple soul named Paul, his summary told. Honest and trustworthy, his virtues shine, Diligence and responsibility, a path so fine. A Sea goat he is, in the zodiac's lore, Humble as earth, gentle to the core. Yet dangerous, like a quake's mighty roar, In Paul's essence, contrasts galore. With caring warmth that sets him apart, A character moulded, a work of fine art. Gaining experiences, like waves on the shore, Exploring interests, an explorer at the core. Willing to learn, adapt, and grow, In life's vast sea, like a ship to and fro. Paul stands tall, a lamp in the night, A blend of strength, humility, and light.)

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A Dead Man's Poem!

When I realized, soul departing,
Remembering, whole life, a cloud passing.
An infant playing in a mothers lap,
As a kid for mistakes, getting a slap.

Walking with dad, hand in hand,
A person who is a magical wand,
Fulfilling our small wishes,
As we were his prince or princess.

Crying to go to school,
Later not wanting to return, was awful,
Carrying heavy loads of bag,
Bunking and walking with a swag.

Getting addicted for a cigarettes drag,
Gave confidence, felt an act to brag,
Getting high with drinks,
A day wasted, passed in brinks.

Unaware of value of the time,
For your younger self, it was a crime,
When opportunities knocked,
unable to understand, I kicked.

Never understood, true love of parents,
with regret, missing all those moments.
Not knowing what I have, to cherish,
I do now, on my way to perish.

Love, life and wife,
all cut by death as a knife,
The first touch and kiss,
A memorable moment I will miss.

As I see my body lying,
Only loved ones around weeping,
For them we are important,
the rest were not even present.

All those people that we hanged out,
In my last days, never heard my shout,
Value life, time, family, friends,
Only these will be beside us when life ends.

Unfortunate event, from self, parting,
Cannot even say goodbye, its haunting,
This body, connected to a soul,
From birth till last, played a wonderful role.

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Sanji-Paul Arvind Quotes

If only my hands had the strength to write my thoughts and dreams of you.

All the unsaid words were audible to my mind; but my heart wasn't ready to accept the truth as it kept you on a different level.

You made me realize how cruel and cold someone can be…

I wanted to be the moon for your darkest part of life; but you ended up making my world dark…

The narcotics department should arrest you for the drug in your smile, every time I see you it takes me to new heights, and it's wild.

I had all the words to describe the amount of my love, but never had a measure to prove it to you.

May you live long enough so you can carry me in your memory...

Every-time I see you, my blood cells head towards my heart all at once…

The gods would have blessed me, if I had as much dedication and devotion that I had towards you…

An ocean of happiness cannot fill the void you created deep down my heart…

Wished for a drop, from an ocean of your love, care and affection; yet you filled heartbreak and pain and loneliness in me…

I can hate you as much as I love you, but never can unlove…

I wish that my soul surrounds you forever; so every time you breathe, I can go through your lungs and experience you...

My loudest screams without a sound was never heard by the one that I screamed for…

If you keep erasing other people's mistakes; one day you will disappear like an eraser.

The tears of my heart can be tasted by my soul…

People call you a joker; without realising that sometimes you are needed for their victory.

Never be friends with people who only think of their benefits. One fine day they will bury you for their survival...

People will learn from you, they will kill and bury you; They will make manure out of you to soil their ground to grow corps called success and prove it's their hard work and victory.

When I tried to remove you from my heart, my heartbeat stopped a while; only then I realised that you are now part of it.

You are so filled in my mind; I cried to get you out through my tears, my tears drained but your memories didn't.

The day my heart erupts like a volcano and my tears roar like a tsunami; you will never understand my love…

Love: One who deserves it, doesn't get it; one who gets it doesn't deserve it.

Irony is, the person you love doesn't love you; that person loves another one, who doesn't love them as well…

Every-time I try to extract your memory, I lose a big part of me.

The place I kept you was not occupied by anyone in the past, nor any will in the future.

Your one-way ticket to my heart will always be open.

I planted a seed of love only to reap the fruit of betrayal.

You put me in a place so dark that I await for the moon, to say goodbye to the sun.

I pledged my soul for you to the devil in hell, and you turned out to be one among them.

Your heart turned out to be the place where evil resides.

Some will remain as a memory, we need to hang them on a wall of our heart; Once in a while you visit them to cherish the moments, leave them be and proceed with your life.

I have fallen in the deepest ocean of your love; only you can lift me up…

God's all expertise has been spent on you when creating you…

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