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Incessant Road - Poem by Theo Williams

Flashes of fire in the underworld
Inked in a ‘sacred' document
Demons devouring sinful souls
The truth of one's key tenet
Man's reflection will soon wither
Thy soul will then summon hither.

Why this is but, the road to perdition.

If wine drinks the soul of man
Disobeying the ‘good' of light
Then thou shall be committed to den
With armies of darkness to fight
Their soul shall perish and burn
In the abyss of tortures turn.

Why this is but, the road to perdition.

Manslaughter is an unforgiving sin
That turns killer into demon
No god found a man within
Only left with Satan to reason
Their heart shall then vacate thy chest
For they have lost the celestial test.

Why this is but, the road to perdition.

If vulgar words speak a man's mouth
Thy hath choice to repent
Tho' if not, ride a road too south
To a pit of endless torment
This is a demons spell upon man he curse
Riding the road to hell in Satan's bodiless hearse.

Why this is but, the road to perdition.

If man breaks the land's law
He abolishes God's trust
Repenting willn't restore
A man's temptations he lusts
If the rod is now foreign to man
To hell, he'll slip thro' God's hands.

Why this is but, the road to perdition.

A twisted barb of treachery and lies
Will sever and burn one's core
Till he cannot hear an angel's cries
That could save his world he tore
If man partakes the fruit of deceit
To damnation, the morning star he will meet.

Why this is but, the road to perdition.

But if hell is entered thro' lies
Adultery, murder, profanity
Why do we ignore the cries?
Of starving children that fill our humanity!
If to walk to hell thy need sin
Then we shall walk. Walk this land we live in.

If wars are to claim the water and soil
Is this not a pit of demonism?
A pit of religious turmoil
The true leaders of the triangular prism
If the bloodshed of a thousand is not hell
Then that demon hath cast an elusive spell.

If poverty owns the soul of child
This is a demon we created
That starves a famine of wild
Out of self-righteous hatred
Why do we wear the cross that killed?
Our ‘father' whom blood we spilled.

Many a many an animal hath died
To the very end of man's blade
Many a scream hath been cried
O'er the land into air it did fade
Fires shall be cast o'er the land
For the true devil is all o' man.

Upon the land prophets bear testimony
Preaching the deception of ‘holiness'
A man hath succumb and more and a many
Reaping the soul of thy Earth that draws to confess
Man will accede to war, money and greed
Arrogant towards the world we need.

Why does man hurt dear loves?
Close ones who seem to care
Why can't we coalesce like turtle doves?
Whose heart for one other is there?
No, instead man does cheat and lie
So satanic, causes the Devil to cry.

Why hath not a seer foreseen
That Satan and demons are not real
‘Cause they're within man an ever-flowing stream
Our soul to our devil we did deal
Shattering all hope towards good
That was long-ago lost within our brotherhood.

We created war, corruption, lies
Hatred, murder, hurt, religion
That has sinned more than the vastness of skies
Why the Earth we created, is the road to perdition
For if hell exists ‘tis not worst
Than the hell we created upon this Earth.

Why do man believe in a hell?
When we created a suffering with hand
To the netherworld ‘tis parallel
No soul will lead us to the promise land
‘Cause all Man, Woman, Catholic, Christian
Brick by brick we built this road. Road to perdition.

This road, this path, it does end never
‘Cause within ourselves we walk, with the devil forever.

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