Theo Williams

Rookie (14/05/94 / Australia)

Theo Williams Poems

1. Since You Left Me 8/1/2012
2. Insomnia 8/23/2012
3. Silent Screams 8/23/2012
4. Abundance Of Light 8/23/2012
5. 21 October 2011 8/23/2012
6. Oh! Fear Not My Love 8/24/2012
7. Eclipse 8/24/2012
8. Chorus Of Freedom (Unheeded) 8/28/2012
9. Incessant Road 8/23/2012
10. What If 9/3/2012
11. A Promise 9/4/2012
12. Waltz 9/7/2012
13. Hurtful Words Unsaid 8/29/2012
14. A Dance With The Devil 8/24/2012
15. A Lonely Mind 8/21/2012
16. Nature's Love 8/23/2012
17. When My Eyes Touch You 9/7/2012
18. No Matter 9/1/2012
19. Your Spirit Walks Freely In My Mind 10/28/2012
20. This Flame Will Always Burn 8/19/2012
21. Steps To New World 8/2/2012
22. The Eight Wonder 7/26/2012
23. Nightmares 7/2/2012
24. God's Prayer 7/1/2012
25. Childhood Memories 7/2/2012
26. Thinking About You 7/22/2012
27. The Pieces Of My Heart 7/3/2012
28. Expel All Hatred 6/30/2012
29. My Gift To You 7/2/2012
30. You Are My Sunrise 7/2/2012
31. The World We Created 6/30/2012
32. The Garden's Secret 7/2/2012
33. The Deceptive Eye 6/27/2012
34. My Imagination 6/26/2012
35. My Sunset 6/23/2012
36. I Do Love You 6/23/2012
37. This Sea Of Tears 7/3/2012
38. Darkness 6/23/2012
39. My Sunrise 6/28/2012
40. Nature's Lullaby 6/29/2012

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  • Unwritten Soul Unwritten Soul (9/8/2012 6:06:00 AM)

    I wonder if there is no one who read few of your poem and left without feel wonderful, i think no one, as i always dive deep into your paper pool swimming with your words, a warm languages that floating me with nice impression in each write you done. Your poems are powerful indicate that is much talent you got in hand, Just wish you to polish what you have and there will be no doubt, you will be huge in writing field_Soul, Unwritten Soul

  • Www. (8/25/2012 1:54:00 AM)

    Young but very promising indeed! You are sure to have great innings over this forum for long. Keep writing good and a few experimental poems too.

  • Barry Jablonski Barry Jablonski (7/3/2012 9:01:00 PM)

    Very nice poem Theo, good flow...good story line...keep up the good work.

  • Terry O'leary (6/27/2012 3:58:00 PM)

    Theo, if my comments to your poems 'segregation...', 'deceptive...' and 'sunset' have been registered (I'm not sure they have) then you'll know I feel you are a very talented poet... I don't think there is anything I could teach you, on the contrary, I would work hard maybe I could learn from you... Keep up the good work... Terry

  • Malik Vlair (6/27/2012 12:25:00 AM)

    You are a gifted poet Theo! I see you inspiring thousands good luck man keep up the brilliant work!

  • Dan Green (6/26/2012 5:08:00 AM)

    Your poems are truly amazing my friend! You are very gifted and a talented writer! keep the wonderful poems coming! !

  • Kaila George Kaila George (6/25/2012 11:22:00 PM)

    Welcome to the site Theo, and I look forward to MORE of your poems, you are such a natural poet, your gonna knock me off the most popular poet list Im sure...smiles wouldnt see it any other way.

Best Poem of Theo Williams

Nature's Lullaby

Sounds of singing birds so early in the morn
Is a beauty in life that no one can adorn.

Soothing peace of waves gently caressing the sand
Like embracing lovers, amidst placidity they stand.

The scent of flowers, paint a smile on thy face
Surrounded by nature's love, most peaceful escape.

Showered by warmth and richness from heavenly rays
Extracting the best of thy soul, glowing every day.

Night befalls; the bright moon so tender
To nature's love and heart I surrender.

I lay my head down and say goodbye
To nature's beauty; my sweet lullaby.

Read the full of Nature's Lullaby


He sat there in the streaming light,
Silent, settled like the darkened night.
Rays channelled through the greys of ancient gloom,
Purifying his soul, natural hues of the moon.

But the lonely air of the night, began to squall,
His lonely life doth take its toll.
Flickers of darkness enthral his thoughts,
By which his mind will be mentally caught.

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