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Sounds of singing birds so early in the morn
Is a beauty in life that no one can adorn.

Soothing peace of waves gently caressing the sand

The chirp of birds in the early morning
Bless my smiles with their innocent calling
I head outside with my blanket wrapped around
And lay there listening to this memorable sound.

Imagine that there is no heaven
Above us only a sky
Imagine that there is no religion
To create controversy and lies.

He sat there in the streaming light,
Silent, settled like the darkened night.
Rays channelled through the greys of ancient gloom,
Purifying his soul, natural hues of the moon.

This sea of tears is a vast wasteland
That a maiden burdens with an imprinted hand
Creating swells and blustery typhoons
Breaking the core of the harvest moon

Baby we're the perfect two, there's no complication.
The only mathematics we need is me plus you it's the perfect equation.
But when we're in science we create a chemical reaction.
Ten out of Ten is our love expressed as a fraction.

The sun sets on the horizon from the distant land,
Where birds chirp and couples lay hand in hand.
I look at the sun to say goodbye,
To the beautiful colours that paint the sky.

Broken bottles everywhere with plastic bags
Charred pieces of glass with boxes and fags
Ripping out plants and tearing down trees.
Is this the beautiful environment surrounding me?

Eyes are the windows to each and every soul
That articulates a story in every perspective
Seeping when sad and tightened when angry
But can lie to us ‘cause they're deceptive.

The secret garden is a special place
That is close to my heart
It washes away yesterday's sorrow
As I watch the new day start.

The sun is smiling as I open my eyes
Birds serenading the awoken sky.
I watch from my window the sun climbing a hill
Spreading its glimmer so beautiful.

When the towers fell on September eleven
Countless souls were sent to heaven
Left families scarred and destroyed
For this nightmare had been employed.

Expel all hatred from thy heart
Revenge, fire, will tear thee apart.
Expel all anger from thy mind
No thoughts like these of any kind.

I was walking this lonely wilderness
And then I met you
I had no intention of falling
‘Cause my heart's pieces, were but a few.

I've been thinking about you
More as each season passes
I've been so cold and so blue
As my heart shatters like glasses.

Contained in this world is one specific hatred
Colour and ethnicity; these differences denigrated
Before I was born, I knew I was already hated
‘Cause of the colour of my skin, constantly humiliated.

I climbed atop the highest mountain
And heard what sounded like a whisper
I looked and looked but could not sight a soul
The wind whistled and spake unto me.

Lying in bed nothing but the clock ticking
Counting down before his mind starts clicking.
The tap turns on, water dripping
As slowly as a dead man living.

I lay here on this grassy hill
Looking up at the sky
There's a cloud shaped as a daffodil
And a spotted hound up high.

I wander through the meadows of bliss
Walking upon the prairie
My ears feel a tender kiss
From a tree - a singing canary.

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'Tis very times like these whence we need unity. Our countries fight wars for lands and territories. Why do we not cease and fight for what's right in our heart instead of what's right in our eyes.' - Theo Williams 'Why not instead of warring o'er difference, embrace the gift. Respect all values and beliefs 'cause this is what makes you, you. For if we were all the same and looked in a mirror, we would hate what we'd see.' - Theo Williams 'You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on Earth.' - William W. Purkey)

The Best Poem Of Theo Williams

Nature's Lullaby

Sounds of singing birds so early in the morn
Is a beauty in life that no one can adorn.

Soothing peace of waves gently caressing the sand
Like embracing lovers, amidst placidity they stand.

The scent of flowers, paint a smile on thy face
Surrounded by nature's love, most peaceful escape.

Showered by warmth and richness from heavenly rays
Extracting the best of thy soul, glowing every day.

Night befalls; the bright moon so tender
To nature's love and heart I surrender.

I lay my head down and say goodbye
To nature's beauty; my sweet lullaby.

Theo Williams Comments

Dan Green 26 June 2012

Your poems are truly amazing my friend! You are very gifted and a talented writer! keep the wonderful poems coming! !

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Kaila George 25 June 2012

Welcome to the site Theo, and I look forward to MORE of your poems, you are such a natural poet, your gonna knock me off the most popular poet list Im sure...smiles wouldnt see it any other way.

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Unwritten Soul 08 September 2012

I wonder if there is no one who read few of your poem and left without feel wonderful, i think no one, as i always dive deep into your paper pool swimming with your words, a warm languages that floating me with nice impression in each write you done. Your poems are powerful indicate that is much talent you got in hand, Just wish you to polish what you have and there will be no doubt, you will be huge in writing field_Soul, Unwritten Soul

2 0 Reply

Young but very promising indeed! You are sure to have great innings over this forum for long. Keep writing good and a few experimental poems too.

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Barry Jablonski 03 July 2012

Very nice poem Theo, good flow...good story line...keep up the good work.

4 1 Reply
Terry O'leary 27 June 2012

Theo, if my comments to your poems 'segregation...', 'deceptive...' and 'sunset' have been registered (I'm not sure they have) then you'll know I feel you are a very talented poet... I don't think there is anything I could teach you, on the contrary, I would work hard maybe I could learn from you... Keep up the good work... Terry

14 1 Reply
Malik Vlair 27 June 2012

You are a gifted poet Theo! I see you inspiring thousands good luck man keep up the brilliant work!

18 1 Reply

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