Incest Poem by YURI DURAAN


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A girl with a red coat walks against the wind,
her shoulders hunched.
She carries the world around her like a cloak.
Her footfall is uncertain, the one in front of the other
in a macabre dance with the devil.

The red coat is a lie which covers other lies,
the lies that build her life.
The red coat is a shield against the truth,
a mask for the outside world.

The wind catches her coat tails and plays with it, trying to
reveal what is beneath.
The wind cuts through the secret of the sin she tries to protect.

Her eyes seek for shelter, her hands clawing at the wind,
this desperate little act of play merely an empty effort against
an entity too large to avoid.

The girl with the red coat enters a shop and smoothes her hair.
She turns down her collar, she loosens a button,
but she does not abandon the safety of the burden she carries.

Shannon Wright 08 January 2008

hauntingly beautiful. you have a real gift and i can't wait to read more. another ten. -shannon

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Edith-ann Horne 03 January 2008

wow. this grabbed my heart. how many people out there, learned to live with the different colour coats they wear. i wonder, will she ever let go of the coat? great poem!

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Karen LaRose 02 January 2008

wow wow wow. I could never imagine having to bear such a thing. I was almost raped when I was eleven, but luckily I escaped. It was my fault though. Reading this, it makes me wonder how different I would have grown up with the image of being raped haunting me. Even coming close is scary has created some conflict between my man and I and how I let him touch me. Reading this I am glad a family member didn't try to rape me. Great poem!

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Roger Cornish 02 January 2008

Outstanding Poem! Great Imagery for a difficult subject. Roger.x

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Sadiqullah Khan 23 May 2008

yuri u have the courage to talk about this subject, , touching

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Nkululeko Mdudu 29 April 2008

I will avoid getting emotional in my comment and say: it is a tragic and grim reality you portray. The sad thing is that she has to get back to that house and face the monster in real live 3D. makes one wonder just who the Devil is.

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Debbie Kingsmill 20 April 2008

this poem touched my inner soul thanks Yuri

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Luis Gil 21 March 2008

May lies be the burden? Lies don´t protect, they prevent safety.

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This is so good. The image your create, the heart wrenching emotion you create in this short poem, I really, really like this one. L&T

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