.earth To Me... Poem by YURI DURAAN

.earth To Me...

Rating: 2.7

I am unreachable
floating amongst the stars
removed from all things mundane
- no soil on my hands
- no dust under my feet..
just light..
a whole sun full
a whole bucket of stars full

I am light.

Keep the salt for the blunderers
who trudge forward in a circle
toiling meaninglessly..
those who move rocks from one
mountain to the next

Let there be one man who will
climb a mountain to reach me,
to bring me a stone …

I shall give him of my light
and let him share the stars
for maybe this one night.

Broken Peaces 07 May 2008

Lovely write Yuri I am absolutely certain they are al standing in line at this very moment, gemstone in the post 10 Chris

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Dewald Viljoen 07 May 2008

Pragtig! en as daai man opdaag, kan jy dalk uitvind of hy 'n suster het! ;)

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David Desantis 07 May 2008

Very nice! ! Awesome imagery, especially floating in the stars. My only question is why bring a rock to you? I was thinking more like flowers, maybe chocolate. But I guess whatever floats your boat haha -david

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Kesav Easwaran 02 February 2009

Bright and challenging words...the last two stanzas are the most i liked in this classy write...well-done, Yuri...10

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 01 August 2008

Good morning Uuri, I admire your abilty to write in more than one language and I have enjoyed your awesome poetry. Thanks, Loyd

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Woman is shining in her, at the end, found identity.

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Sadiqullah Khan 14 May 2008

fine piece, , , , that stone of earth, , , the man climbing, , good imagery, , go on yuri

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Powerful piece... no starry-eyes here, as your unexpected ending suggests... stellar work. t x

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